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Vintage Apple iPhone 2007 Shatters Records, Fetching Jaw-Dropping $190K at Auction!

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Vintage Apple iPhone 2007 Shatters Records, Fetching Jaw-Dropping $190K at Auction!

According to the sourceiPhones usually experience a significant drop in value as soon as they are taken out of the store. However, there are exceptional cases where certain models retain or even increase their value over time. One such case was recently witnessed at an auction in the US, where a first edition, unopened 4GB iPhone sold for a staggering $190,372.80 (£145,416).

This particular model is considered the “Holy Grail” by iPhone collectors due to its rarity. Not many of these were produced at the time, making it highly sought after among enthusiasts. Managed by LCG Auctions, the lot attracted 28 bids and ultimately sold for almost 400 times its original price.

The final price includes administration costs and what is known as the “buyer’s premium,” which goes directly to the auction house rather than the seller. LCG Auctions described this rare iPhone as a “high-end popular” and “red-hot collectible.” In fact, two other factory-sealed first-edition iPhones have also fetched record values in the past year.

Described as an “extremely rare, factory sealed, first release 4GB model in exceptional condition,” this iPhone is virtually flawless both on its surface and edges. The factory seal remains intact with clean stitching details and watertightness.

When it was initially released in 2007 by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the 4GB model faced declining sales and was discontinued just two months later. Most consumers opted for the 8GB model instead, which offered double the storage space for only $100 more.

It’s worth noting that from time to time, various rare Apple memorabilia or artifacts related to Steve Jobs’ life and career are put up for auction. These items include a poem he wrote in a classmate’s high school yearbook, college photos, and even a business card from 1978.

Steve Jobs, who passed away in 2011 at the age of 56 due to pancreatic cancer, was credited with countless innovations that have greatly impacted our lives. His contributions include iconic products such as the iMac computer, iPod, iPhoneand iPad.

The sale of this rare first edition iPhone serves as a reminder of the lasting value and appeal of Apple’s products. It also highlights the enduring legacy left by Steve Jobs, whose visionary leadership and groundbreaking creations continue to shape the world we live in today.

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