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Vitesco Technologies Unveils Electrification Breakthroughs at 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition

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Vitesco Technologies Unveils Electrification Breakthroughs at 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition

Life Cycle Engineering Driving Innovations for Sustainable Mobility: Vitesco Technologies Showcases Electrification Innovations at the 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition

Vitesco Technologies, a leading international developer and manufacturer of cutting-edge powertrain technologies for sustainable mobility, is set to exhibit innovations for more sustainable and efficient electric driving at the 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition (EVS36) held in Sacramento, California from June 11-14.

It is widely suggested that, Vitesco Technologies will showcase its second option for its state-of-the-art electric shaft drive platform (EMR4: electronics, motor and reducer), which provides customers with high-performance engine power in a more cost-effective solution that also reduces the carbon footprint of material sourcing. The innovation eliminates permanent magnets by relying on rare earth metallic elements with a redesigned rotor that uses a sophisticated winding technique.

“As the momentum for electrification grows, we are excited to provide our customers with the technical flexibility they need to set their strategies,” said Anand Gandhi, Director of Technology and Innovation for North America at Vitesco Technologies. “As a result of our Life Cycle Engineering, we are able to provide our customers with sustainable mobility solutions.”

With this in mind to this innovation, Vitesco Technologies will also exhibit representative products from its portfolio covering high-voltage electronics, battery management systems, electronic controls, and various other components that are critical to plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles.

The EVS36 is organized by EDTA and is the premier showcase for industry innovation dedicated to transportation and electrical technologies. With compelling presentations from industry leaders worldwide, cutting-edge expos featuring exhibitors from around the world, multiple networking events, EVS36 will provide opportunities to showcase leadership while educating stakeholders about means of electric transport.

Vitesco Technologies’ product portfolio includes electric drives, electronic controls, sensors and actuators as well as exhaust gas treatment solutions. In 2022, Vitesco Technologies generated sales of around €9.07 billion and employs a workforce of around 38,000 employees at 50 locations. The company is headquartered in Regensburg, Germany.

The broad portfolio of hardware and software supporting the automotive industry’s drive toward electrification has been gaining momentum over the years. With governments worldwide implementing stricter regulations on carbon emissions, automakers are now shifting their focus to developing more sustainable vehicles that are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective.

As such, innovations like Vitesco Technologies’ EMR4 platform offer a cost-effective solution for automakers looking to reduce their carbon footprint while still providing high-performance engine power to their customers.

The climax, Vitesco Technologies’ presence at EVS36 highlights the importance of Life Cycle Engineering in driving innovations for sustainable mobility. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, it is crucial for companies in the automotive industry to continue developing cutting-edge technologies that prioritize environmental responsibility while maintaining high levels of performance and efficiency.


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