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VSBLTY’s AI-Driven Weapons Detection Software: Unleashing Lightning-Fast Reliability with Intel’s GPU Flex 170

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VSBLTY’s AI-Driven Weapons Detection Software: Unleashing Lightning-Fast Reliability with Intel’s GPU Flex 170

According to a recent announcement by VSBLTY Groupe Technologies Corp., the company has made a significant upgrade to its Vector Weapons Recognition product. The AI-powered security software and retail analytics technology provider has switched from using only CPU to utilizing Intel CPU + Intel GPU Computing Power Intel Data Center GPU Flex 170. This switch has resulted in a remarkable improvement in weapon detection capabilities by significantly reducing false positives.

VSBLTY’s Vector software is designed to provide early threat detection through enhanced facial recognition and the ability to identify weapons. By leveraging surveillance cameras, the system can observe a wide area around protected sitesenabling it to monitor thousands of cameras simultaneously and detect firearms from a distance.

The incorporation of Intel Data Center GPU Flex 170 brings several advantages to VSBLTY’s Vector system. A graphics processing unit (GPU) is specifically designed for parallel computing, making it highly suitable for tasks such as 3D graphics and AI algorithms. With this new GPU, VSBLTY can run large AI-based machine vision weapon recognition algorithms with high accuracy while minimizing false positive results.

The upgraded Vector system allows for real-time monitoring of hundreds or even thousands of cameras over expansive areas. When a potential threat is detected through facial or weapon recognition, the system immediately alerts a 24/7 staffed Security Operations Center (SOC). Trained officers at the SOC then perform instant threat assessments and take appropriate action. If the threat is confirmed, both law enforcement and security personnel at the protected site are immediately notified so that necessary security procedures can be implemented for effective threat mitigation.

Jay Hutton, Co-Founder and CEO of VSBLTY, expressed his satisfaction with the improved technology powered by Intel Data Center GPU Flex 170. He mentioned that this enhanced accuracy will enable faster threat confirmations, allowing call centers and first responders to act promptly when faced with potential threats. Hutton commended his development team for their continuous efforts in advancing their technology to better serve customers and ultimately save lives.

The utilization of Intel’s GPU Flex 170 also enables VSBLTY’s weapon recognition system to cover larger areas by supporting multiple camera streams per GPU and multiple GPUs per system. This enhanced technology provides extended security coverage for various locations, including schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and places of worship.

As an extra to its AI-powered security software, VSBLTY is known for providing better customer engagement and audience measurement through machine learning and computer vision. Their industry-leading software, VisionCaptor and DataCaptor, combines motion graphics and interactive brand messaging with cutting-edge computer vision data and measurement. This integration offers brands and retailers unprecedented insights into their customers’ behaviors in real-time.

Investor Relations contact information is as follows: Jonathan Paterson at 475-477-9401 or (email protected), Graham Farrell at +1-416-842-9003 or (email protected), Linda Rosanio at 609-472-0877 or (email protected)

VSBLTY (OTCQB: VSBGF) (CSE: VSBY) (Frankfurt: 5VS) is a Philadelphia-based company that specializes in artificial intelligence and real-time interpretation of CCTV camera footage. Their proprietary technology utilizes facial detection, age, gender, and other metrics to enhance retail brand engagement through personalized ads on digital displays in stores. This technology has proven to increase brand sales by 25-35%. Moreover, the company plays a leading role in the “Store as Media” movement that enables brands to reach customers during purchasing decisions while generating additional revenue streams for retailers.

Apart from their retail-focused solutions, VSBLTY has developed a range of security products utilizing their proprietary artificial intelligence software. These products include facial recognition systems and weapon recognition systems that can be deployed using modern surveillance cameras as well as legacy CCTV cameras. By creating proactive security systems instead of reactive ones, VSBLTY ensures early threat detection, potentially saving lives.

For more information about VSBLTY, please visit their website:

Source: (VSBLTY)(–more-reliable-with-intels-gpu-flex-170-301900207.html)


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