West Shore Chamber of Commerce measuring ‘business climate’ temperature

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The survey is being focused right now on Westlake and Bay Village, but may soon be distributed to Avon, Avon Lake and North Ridgeville, he said. “We want to get a feel or ideas of how we can improve things for our members. This is going to West Shore Chamber members as part of our member services, networking events, discount programs and also to keep very close ties with local government and political leaders to grow businesses in order to save and create jobs.” Some of the questions being asked include:

He noted that the survey is being conducted not only with the West Shore Chamber, but also with News Advisers of Cleveland, “a nonprofit with the mission of providing free business advice and counseling to public and private, large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations.” “The purpose of the News Climate Survey is to determine current economic conditions for small businesses and to identify significant post-COVID economic development issues in Cuyahoga County,” said Boepple.

Boepple said the survey idea came about because of how pandemic rules and regulations have dramatically changed the way people did business in the last two years and how it all affected the economy, too. He said the survey is a tool to get a handle on what has been happening to businesses during the pandemic and to determine their economic development issues.

· Will this survey help local political and business leaders understand the conditions affecting your business? Boepple said the members in the chambers are known for quick responses, so he expects the surveys to come back for analysis quickly. · When hiring employees, what is the biggest challenge?

· In the next 12 months, what do you think will happen to your business’ employment situation? · What has been the impact of the coronavirus on your business’ profitability?

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  • West Shore Chamber of Commerce measuring ‘business climate’ temperature
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