What cryptography can expect from TwitterNew CEO of

What cryptography can expect from TwitterNew CEO of

More Great WIRED Stories “But before leaving, Jack must have felt that Twitter was in a good place, that it was starting to be connected to Bitcoin, and to decentralization,” he says. “Twitter will be fine in the hands of Parag.”

That does not mean that Agrawal will be painstakingly retracing whatever Dorsey did—some things are necessarily going to change. “I don’t think Jack is going to be the shadow CEO,” says Henshaw-Plath. But at least concerning crypto, we can expect Agrawal to be as energetic as Dorsey—if not more—in pushing Twitter’s agenda forward. All of this suggests that CT’s worries might be overblown. The common thread running throughout Agrawal’s career is that he is perfectly aligned with Dorsey on most if not all major questions; you could even call him a Dorsey loyalist. The two, Henshaw-Plath says, even share similar personal histories. “Parag’s trajectory parallels Jack’s,” he says. “Parag started at Twitter as just an engineer on the ads team; he started at the bottom and worked his way up. Jack started at Odeo as just an engineer on the team and likewise became the lead for Twitter and then the CEO for Twitter through his work—and through being a fantastic programmer.”

In the meantime, CT will have to work though its bereavement over the loss of the Rasputinesquely bearded, nose-ringed, Bitcoin-touting evangelist at the helm of its social network of choice. As Alex Gladstein, chief strategy officer of the Human Rights Foundation and a key Bitcoin proponent, puts it, Dorsey’s departure feels like “the end of a golden era.” That is not to say that Bitcoin is banished from Agrawal’s pantheon. After all, he oversaw the launch of Twitter’s Tipping feature, which allows users to receive Bitcoin payments—over the Lightning Network—as a reward for content. And until his ascension to CEO, the head of Twitter’s newly launched crypto unit reported to Agrawal. We can also expect Twitter to create a feature that will allow CT users to “verify” their profile picture if it is linked to an NFT they own. “If they do push that live, that would be very strong,” Carter says. “For the first time, you could really utilize your NFT on a major platform, and in a crypto-native way.”

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  • What cryptography can expect from TwitterNew CEO of
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