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Why Porsche Failed to Trademark EV Technology

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Why Porsche Failed to Trademark EV Technology

Sports Car Icon Porsche Fails to Trademark Unique EV Technology

Sports cars are designed to provide the best driving experience. The wind in your hair, the power when you step on the accelerator and the furious roar of a high-performance engine are just some of the attributes that customers expect from a Porsche (EXPLODED) – Get a free report.

When the legendary German brand entered the electric vehicle market against companies like Tesla (TSLA) – Get a free report and BMW (BMWAA) – Get a free reportwith the Taycan in 2020, I knew I had to stand out to be able to compete.

According to a source, among the wealth of technology built into its high-performance electric sports car, one peculiar feature created to improve the driving experience recently failed to register in the European Union: fake engine noise.

Without a gasoline engine to produce an exhaust sound, electric vehicles are traditionally very quiet, which is a caveat Porsche recognized when developing the Taycan. To give their customers the feeling of the typical Porsche driving experience, the Stuttgart experts developed their own artificial engine noise to complement the driving dynamics of the vehicle.

According to a report by The Telegraph, Porsche attempted to register its characteristic “noise” with the European Intellectual Property Office, stating in its filing that the noise emitted by its electric vehicles is “futuristic, melodious and has a certain rhythm and motives.” They also claimed that it was “sufficient to evoke recognition” of a Porsche, noting that the noise of their cars and only their cars “combines the typical characteristics of a musical composition, namely the dynamic structure and different tones, and brings them together” to create a memorable and unusual sound.

Porsche’s Unique Noise Falls Short

The European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), however, did not accept Porsche’s argument. According to The Telegraph’s report, EUIPO stated that this unique noise does not distinguish a Porsche vehicle from any other. It further mentioned that while consumers may be aware that electric vehicles do not produce such sounds inherently, this feature cannot be used as grounds for distinguishing goods or services offered by one company over another.

Porsche recognizes that standing out in a crowded field of electric vehicles is challenging. Despite its efforts falling short in registering this innovation as trademarked technology within Europe, Porsche’s strong brand identity backed by motorsports still holds enough appeal for buyers.

The Appeal Process

According to another report by The Drive, Porsche plans on appealing EUIPO’s decision regarding its unique engine noise registration. The brand’s determination to protect its innovations and maintain a competitive edge in the electric vehicle market is evident through this move.

As the electric vehicle industry continues to grow rapidly, competition among manufacturers intensifies. Each company strives to offer unique features and experiences to attract customers. Porsche’s attempt at trademarking their artificial engine noise demonstrates their commitment to providing an unparalleled driving experience that captures the essence of their iconic sports cars.

Therefore, while Porsche may have failed to register its unique engine noise as a trademarked technology, it remains a significant player in the electric vehicle market due to its strong brand identity and commitment to innovation. As the industry evolves, it will be interesting to see how Porsche continues to differentiate itself and captivate car enthusiasts worldwide.

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