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Will This New Tech Cost You Your Job? Here’s Proof!

by Tech Desk
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Will This New Tech Cost You Your Job? Here’s Proof!

The future not only knocks on our doors, but opens them wide and enters. Bots and artificial intelligence (AI) are leading this revolution, reinventing traditional roles and reimagining what it means to work in the 21st century.

One industry that has felt the domino effects of automation is banking. Automation, once simply associated with ATMs, has come a long way. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots now handle myriad tasks in this sector, marking a departure from human-dominated processes. These RPAs are taking on critical responsibilities such as transaction processing, fraud detection, and compliance reporting. They work tirelessly, reducing processing times and minimizing human errors. However, as bots take over roles traditionally filled by humans, the banking industry is facing a shakeup that could make some roles redundant.

In the fast food industry, AI is also making its mark. Chipotle has introduced an AI-based kitchen helper named “Chippy,” whose specialty is making tortilla chips. This innovative bot has learned the art of massaging dough and can produce golden crispy tortilla chips batch after batch. Similarly, McDonald’s has automated its ordering process with self-service kiosks in many locations. While these advancements improve efficiency and convenience for customers, they also raise concerns about job displacement in the fast food industry.

Taco Bell is taking automation to another level by implementing contactless technology in its drive-thru services. Customers can now place their orders without interacting with a human employee at all. This touchless drive-thru experience provides efficiency and hygiene benefits but raises questions about the future of fast food jobs.

Even security patrols are being transformed by robots equipped with cameras and sensors that replace traditional security guards in some places. These autonomous robots never sleep or take breaks and don’t require salary increases like humans do. While they offer increased surveillance capabilities, their presence leaves us wondering about the fate of human security guards who once walked those rounds.

In healthcare, AI is making headway with specially trained surgeons controlling robots to perform complex procedures. These robots promise greater precision, faster surgeries, and fewer complications. However, the role of the surgeon in this new world is still uncertain.

Customer service is also experiencing a seismic shift due to AI-powered chatbots. These chatbots offer 24-hour service, handle multiple queries simultaneously, and provide consistent performance. While they are efficient and cost-effective, their rise raises concerns about the future of human customer service representatives.

Even sports like baseball are not immune to the AI revolution. Robotic umpires are being considered to call strikes and balls in games. This prospect divides fans’ opinions as some find it exciting while others consider it blasphemous without the human element.

The AI revolution is rewriting rules and roles across industries. It offers increased efficiency, accuracy, and profitability but also comes with job displacement and livelihood uncertainty. The challenge lies in harnessing its potential while minimizing its dangers.

As we navigate this changing landscape, we must ask ourselves if we are ready for robot umpires and job replacements. The future is here; it’s up to us to adapt and find ways to make the most of these technological advancements while ensuring that no one is left behind.

According to Fox News Tech (source), this transformative wave of automation has already begun reshaping industries such as banking, fast food, security services, healthcare, customer service, and even sports like baseball. With bots and AI taking over tasks traditionally performed by humans, there are concerns about job redundancy and displacement.

It’s crucial for individuals and organizations alike to embrace technology while also considering its impact on employment opportunities. Finding ways to reskill or upskill workers can help them adapt to new roles created by automation or explore emerging fields where human skills are still essential.

The future may indeed bring significant changes fueled by bots and artificial intelligence; however, it’s important not only to focus on the potential benefits but also to ensure that these advancements are inclusive and considerate of the workforce. By doing so, we can navigate this technological revolution while minimizing its negative consequences and maximizing its potential for a better future.


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