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WIU Partners with Knack Tutoring to Supercharge Support for Business and Technology Students

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WIU partners with Knack Tutoring to scale support for business and technology students

August 8, 2023

The Western Illinois University College of Business and Technology (CBT) has recently announced an exciting partnership with Knack Tutoring. Starting in the fall of 2023, enrolled CBT students will have access to free on-demand tutoring services, creating an environment that promotes exceptional growth and achievement.

To ensure that peer tutors are well-prepared, students will receive comprehensive training accredited by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA). This commitment guarantees that students will receive unparalleled academic support from their peers.

“We strongly believe that Knack’s peer-to-peer tutoring platform will empower our students, foster personal growth, and support student academic success in the fields of business and technology,” said WIU CBT Dean Craig Conrad. “By supporting student retention, peer mentoring will help WIU’s College of Business and Technology achieve its goal of preparing the next generation of business and technology innovators to thrive in an evolving and interconnected global economic environment.”

Alongside this to peer-based assistance, this collaboration will also grant CBT students access to a network of professional tutors available on-demand. This dual support system has been carefully designed to address the diverse academic needs of students, ensuring they receive timely help when they need it most.

“Connecting our students with on-demand, 24-hour peer-led tutoring has great potential to increase academic support when and where they need it most,” said Sara Lytle, WIU’s director of business advising.

One key aspect of this partnership is the significant investment in WIU students. By allocating a portion of funds to Knack Tutoring, direct financial benefits will be returned to students through tutor payments. This initiative aims to enhance career development opportunities for WIU students while contributing to economic development on campus.

For more information about the WIU College of Business and Technologyvisit To learn more about how Knack scales student support for campuses, visit

According to informed sources, Knack is the leading platform for student success, transforming tutoring to prepare students for 21st-century success in both the classroom and workplace. Together with higher education institutions across the country, they offer affordable, scalable, and impactful peer-tutoring programs that ensure all students have access to the academic support they need.

The College of Business and Technology at WIU has been preparing students for significant contributions in business, commerce, and technology for over 50 years. They offer innovative, inclusive, and technology-focused programs that provide immersive experiential learning opportunities to more than 2,000 undergraduate and graduate students. The College of Business and Technology holds both undergraduate and graduate level accreditations from AACSB International, making it part of an elite group of schools worldwide. Additionally, it is among a select few business schools with specialized AACSB accreditation for their accounting programs.

The essence, Western Illinois University’s College of Business and Technology’s partnership with Knack Tutoring promises to provide valuable academic support to its business and technology students. With free on-demand tutoring services from well-trained peer tutors and access to professional tutors when needed, this collaboration aims to foster personal growth and academic success among enrolled CBT students. By investing in their students’ development through this partnership, WIU is dedicated to preparing the next generation of innovators who can thrive in a global economic environment.

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