Worried about the heating bill? UK supplier suggests hula hoops

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“Trying to use your heating less in the winter, while staying warm, isn’t easy, especially if you’re working from home,” SSE Energy said in its 10-step guide. “But there are still some simple steps you can take to keep costs down.”

As politicians and energy organizations battle to figure out how to shield British families from surging costs, one provider has a couple of minimal expense ideas: eat some ginger or attempt a hula hoop contest. SSE Energy Services, a unit of Ovo Group, presented an online guide aide on keeping warm without wrenching the hotness this winter. However every one of the techniques joined likely will not be enough to overcome the 200% expansion in natural gas costs somewhat recently that is hidden a potential $24 billion spike to energy bills in April.

The suggestions fall in two broad categories, with plenty of pictures of smiling children and senior citizens for emphasis. The first includes techniques that will make you feel warmer, even while the air in your home stays cold. Those include putting on sweaters and soft Merino-wool socks, cleaning the house or eating foods like potatoes or lentils that stimulate digestion to warm up the body. An accompanying photo shows an elderly couple dancing in the kitchen.

The second category features suggestions to actually use heat more efficiently. They include better insulating your home, closing doors to rooms that aren’t used very often or using a smart thermostat to better regulate energy usage.

While these measures could save a bit on consumers’ bills, they underscore the stark reality that neither homeowners nor governments can do much to cut energy prices significantly without addressing soaring wholesale costs. And as the price cap in the U.K. rises later this year, the pain in the wallet will increase — even if customers cuddle with pets or sit on heated cushions.

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