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X Unveils Exclusive Feature: Keep Your ‘Likes’ Private for Premium Users!

by Tech Desk
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Apparently, Elon Musk’s company, formerly known as Twitter and now called X, has recently introduced a new feature for its Premium subscribers. This feature allows users to hide the Likes tab from public view, providing them with more privacy and control over their online activity.

The announcement of this update was made by X on Thursday, stating that Premium subscribers can now keep their “spicy likes” private by hiding the Likes tab on their profiles. When activated, the Likes tab will completely disappear from a user’s profile page.

Elon Musk himself also shared the news about this update and provided his own recommendation to users. He suggested keeping the Like tab open and using ‘bookmarks’ instead for posts they find interesting. Musk stated, “You can now hide your likes, but I recommend keeping them open and using bookmarks for interesting posts.”

This development sparked varying reactions among users. Some expressed gratitude towards Musk for giving them more freedom in expressing their interests without worrying about public scrutiny. One user commented, “Thanks Elon! Now I can like anything and not worry about everyone reviewing.” Another user praised Musk’s influence and compared it to Twitter’s lack of progress in releasing new features over the years: “What were people doing at the company before you came along? X has released more features in a few months than Twitter has in years.”

However, not all users shared the same sentiment. Some had a different perspective on this update. One user suggested that people might start liking posts more often knowing that their likes cannot be used against them: “Maybe people will start liking posts more often when they know that their likes and, in a way, their interests can’t be used against them.”

To top it all off to introducing this new feature for Premium subscribers, X has also undergone a rebranding where the word “Twitter” has been completely replaced by X. The updated terms of service also include provisions stating that by using X, users agree to waive the right to participate in certain legal proceedings.

Furthermore, X has taken significant measures to ensure security on its platform in India. Between July 26 and August 25, the company reported banning a total of 1,282,414 accounts primarily for promoting child sexual exploitation and non-consensual nudity.

Emphatically, this new feature introduced by X aims to provide Premium subscribers with more control over their online presence and interests. While some users appreciate the increased privacy, others have different views on how it may impact their online behavior. As X continues to evolve and release new features, it will be interesting to see how users adapt and make use of these enhancements.



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