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Xiaomi to Make Waves in India’s Audio Market: Get the Inside Scoop!

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Xiaomi India has announced a strategic partnership with Optiemus Electronics Limited (OEL) to reinforce its “Make in India” initiative and expand its presence in the country’s electronics industry. The collaboration aims to localize the production of wireless audio products and marks Xiaomi’s foray into the AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) domain.

Reportedly, this partnership is a major milestone for Xiaomi as it aligns with its commitment to accelerate product and component localization, ensuring high-quality “Made in India” devices at affordable prices. The collaboration also reflects Xiaomi’s dedication to supporting domestic manufacturing and democratizing technology for the masses.

Under the agreement, Xiaomi will begin production of its first locally manufactured audio product at the Optiemus Electronics factory located in Noida. By leveraging Optiemus Electronics’ manufacturing expertise, Xiaomi aims to strengthen its position in India while contributing to economic growth and creating employment opportunities.

Muralikrishnan B, President of Xiaomi India, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating that it represents a major milestone in his localization efforts. He also emphasized Xiaomi’s commitment to forge more collaborations on its product line in various categories.

Nitesh Gupta, Director of Optiemus Electronics Limited, expressed his delight in partnering with Xiaomi and contributing to their vision for localization. He praised Xiaomi’s reputation as a leading player in India’s electronics ecosystem and praised the company’s innovative technology. Gupta affirmed his dedication to delivering exceptional value through state-of-the-art infrastructure for manufacturing Xiaomi products.

With a focus on innovation accessible to all, the partnership between Xiaomi India and Optiemus Electronics aims to bring advanced technology at affordable prices to the Indian market. By strengthening its manufacturing capabilities in India, Xiaomi is striving to increase the domestic value-add of its smartphones by 50% over the next two years. This initiative aligns with the company’s mission to provide high-quality products that enhance the lives of consumers through innovative technology.

In aggregate, this collaboration between Xiaomi and Optiemus Electronics is a testament to Xiaomi’s commitment to local manufacturing, economic development and delivering exceptional products to the Indian market. As the company continues to expand its presence in India, it will undoubtedly bring more job opportunities and contribute to the country’s growth.


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