Nintendo Switch Online brings a new multiplayer option to Mario Bros.

Nintendo launched Mario Brothers' online multiplayer player with tweet.

Nintendo chose the original Mario Brothers online multiplayer function as part of switch online service.

Even if the players are not in the same room, Mario and Luigi can meet Koopas invading New York sewer when 1983 classics become one of 20 free NES games for service subscribers .

"You and your friends can cooperate online in the original Mario Bros. game under the name of Marionette and Luigi. It is the first time that # NintendoSwitchOnline will be released this month" I have written. Co-op is a slang of a team game player.

Mario Bros. Original was developed for arcade, but later we focused on NES and most other Nintendo systems. Other NES free games include Super Mario Bros. 3, Donkey Kong, and the Legend of Zelda. (Nintendo Before being scolded Super Mario Bros. 3)

Service must arrive Late September There are payment options of $ 20 per month (about 15 pounds or $ 30), $ 3.99 per month, $ 7.99 for 3 months and $ 34.99 for family groups. Family account holders can invite up to seven other people to the group.

After starting the service, you need to join the online game on the switch. voice chat– Application online, …

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Nintendo Switch Online brings a new multiplayer option to Mario Bros.

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