North Korea bypasses US sanctions by secretly selling software around the world

The fake social media profile is not only useful for spreading foreign political discord. A group in cooperation with the North Korean government could hide the true identity and develop software for overseas customers to avoid existing domestic sanctions.

This week, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against two technology companies accused of North Korea's premier battle, Yanbian Silver Star Network Technology near China's Shenyang, China Silver Star. The Treasury also sanctioned John Sung-Hwa, the chief executive of North Korea of ​​China Ginga.

"These measures are aimed at preventing foreign information technology workers from affecting their true identity and hiding themselves behind their predecessor companies, pseudonyms, third-country citizens," Steven Mincin, Treasury Secretary Stated. .

As Wall Street Journal reported in a follow-up article, North Korean agents announced Facebook and LinkedIn's profile, signed up with and Upwork, designed the software with Github, via Slack We agreed with compensation with Paypal. By establishing a technology platform for developing software built by US companies, the country can provide "mobile games, applications, [and] "Bot" for overseas unwilling customers.

The US Treasury issued the first warning about North Korea's secret software development program in July, but did not mention the North Korean software development program in detail.

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North Korea bypasses US sanctions by secretly selling software around the world

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