Check Now When Will Your Phone Get The New Android Nougat Update

We all know that Android Nougat was launched but there is the main question when will all the devices get the new Android Nougat. So here we are to tell you about when will your phone get the latest Android Nougat.

Android 7 Nougat is doing well in the market, but there is the main question that when will every SmartPhone get latest Android Nougat. But there are some devices which already have the latest Android Nougat, so yes if you are the Nexus user you will get the latest Android firstly, So some devices of Nexus like 6, 5X, 6P have already received the update. You will always get the benefit if you are a Nexus user because mainly every year the Android give their latest update to the Nexus devices, but there are some more SmartPhone which doesn’t get the latest update.

When Will Other SmartPhones Get New Android Nougat


SAMSUNG, according to the news the latest update of Android Nougat will come in the Samsung devices at the same time when the Android Marshmallow. When Android Marshmallow launched in 2015, but in Samsung devices, the update comes at the end of the March 2016. So as per the leaks it may be same this time also the Android Nougat will come in 2017, but according to the rumor, this time, it will not so late this time. Maybe, this time, new Android Nougat will come early in 2017.


HTC users will be happy after reading this, that it is officially confirmed by HTC at the end of the year some devices of HTC like HTC One M9, HTC One A9 and HTC 10 will get the latest Android version 7 Nougat. Which is superb for the HTC users that after some time they will also be a part of Android Nougat, and they can also feel the changes of new Android Nougat.


Nougat is trying to make an appearance in the Sony phones Nougat will come as soon as in the Sony phones as per the rumors. They are trying to come in the first part of  2017, so if you are a Sony user, then you have to wait until the next year because the next update of new Android Nougat will come early in 2017.


Last in 2015 Mate 8 launched with marshmallow in November so according to the rumors the new phone of Huawei Mate 9 will launch with the latest Android Nougat and maybe at December the new Android Nougat will come in the phones of Huawei.


After the Nexus devices always Android update in the Motorola devices, so it will also repeat the cycle same this time after the Nexus, Motorola users can feel the experience of the new Android Nougat, and it will come in the device very soon. According to the leaks in the upcoming winters of 2016 the latest version of Android Nougat will come in the Motorola SmartPhones.


Like Motorola, Lg is also pretty good speed in updating. Lg will always update their software very quick, according to the rumors Nougat will come very soon in the LG devices maybe at the end of the year you will enjoy Nougat feature. But there is also a phone coming of LG know as LG V20, a phone manufactured with inbuilt Android Nougat. This is the first phone which is coming in the market with the latest version of Android 7 Nougat.

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