Oculus launches Quest standalone VR headset, eyes mixed reality future

Ocus Santa Cruz's project has the official name Ocrus quest. A standalone virtual reality headset released at Oculus Connect 5 conference announced Wednesday by Mr. Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook will run without phone or cable and will be sold for $ 399. The helmet will complete the Oculus VR series and Rift will be offered as a new medium sized offering.

Zuckerberg said that in the short term on the stage, we believe that the future of virtual reality does not exist and said it has opened more doors of more attractive VR experiences with more freedom. Oculus Quest validates these boxes without cables using complete parts tracking and PC type motion control.

Zuckerberg is also working on providing Quest with many applications and PC-based virtual reality games and providing devices close to high-end PC based Oculus Rift.

Facebook consumer hardware vice president Andrew Bosworth demonstrated a work scenario that implies a complex future with real world objects embedded in virtual reality.

Using Oculus Quest in the demo, experience seems to trace the real world. He was able to see not only the physical mouse and keyboard, but also those in the virtual meeting space. Wearing a headset, he taps a floating word with his keyboard, then starts a meeting in a virtual room that fused into his real space.

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"We do not have mixed reality yet, but it's on our roadmap," says Bosworth.

In this demonstration, unlike MagicLeap which deals with mixed reality in terms of extended reality, it is clear that Oculus handles mixed reality on the VR side.

I do not know whether business developers will consider Oculus headsets in business use cases. Oculus' s VR platform requires expertise that most companies do not have at their fingertips, and companies are responsible for finding enough use cases to justify investment.

The other problem is that business can not do anyway. AWS Sumerian Service is a platform on which the future of VR and AR applications will be run via website …

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