On the executive coaching startup sounding board, the coach also has coaching. news

Everyone can use the executive coach.

It is a co-founder of Christine Tao and Lori Mazan (Founding Committee focused on leadership coaching with a two-year history based in San Francisco) and has raised $ 1 million in funds to date. Beta version of Bloomberg. Precursor Ventures and many angel investors.

Some of these investors Tao met while they were executive vice president of Tapooy mobile advertising company. Tap Joy is also the place I met Mazan, which helps companies acquire more than 20 years of talent. "When I got promoted to the management team, Lori started teaching our CEO and then accompanied me," Tao says.

In fact, Mazan continues to teach about 30 executive coaches who work as sand boards and contractors. According to Tao, many of the startup senior coaches point out that the number of junior coaches is increasing. (Eight full-time employees of Sounding Board also benefit from coaching).

They also mentioned the reason why employers do not use it to help the various people in the organization, as we have discovered when discussing the importance of coaching with Tao and Mazan It was.

TC: I have so many coaching startups. How do you distinguish between sounding board and other things?

CT: We combine a scalable and affordable result-based technology platform and the best coach. It also brings more benefits …

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On the executive coaching startup sounding board, the coach also has coaching. news

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