Operate Elon Musk's boring machine with an Xbox controller

Elon Musk established Drilling boring company Construct a tunnel that may reform public transport. Recently, the company Los Angeles suburbs and Dodgers Stadium in 4 minutes.

It was a famous company founded after Elon Musk was scolded by the traffic of LA.

Currently, the Boring Company has three machines that can drill the tunnels necessary to operate the "loop" system.

Here we have a second machine controlled by the Xbox One controller where the Bowling Company muttered over the weekend:

Certainly the best video game. This is a machine used to literally buried on the ground, perhaps Elon Musk test tunnel is in Hawthorne which is currently being developed.

Recently Elon Musk appeared in Joe Rogan's podcast He inhaled grass Was discussed Immediate AI threat.

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Operate Elon Musk's boring machine with an Xbox controller

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