OS 5, a short film shot on iPhone XS Max, and more on the AppleInsider Podcast


AppleInsider's podcast is working on short films at OS 5, Google Maps on CarPlay, iPhone XS Max and John Hancock which requires Apple (or similar) on all life insurance.

AppleInsider Editor Victor Marques A sophisticated man in the city Neil Fuse Discuss:

  • Neil is back! Neil is back!
  • OS 5 and complications are pretty cool, but I have a question: Once you fall into your favorite face or complications, will you change them to take advantage of everything Apple currently does?
  • John Hancock currently requires Apple or similar fitness products for all life insurance contracts. They will subsidize according to the activities you do. If it is Super Active, you can receive it with $ 25 USD plus tax. (Tax is probably calculated by the device's selling price and brings the tax closer to $ 50 based on a retail price of 399. If you signed up for one of these plans, please let us know)
  • Victor and Neil talk a little about short films taken by Jon M. Chu, director of "Crazy Rich Asians", and what was not a device for movies at one time. JVC believes that from the iPhone which is the best camera you have, it is transitioning to "the best camera".
  • Pedometer ++, anilist, headspace
  • Google map displayed on CarPlay as well as Apple Music was updated for Android Auto

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