Ostrichpillow Hood, the latest product of Studio Banana, is not a joke.

When Studio Banana released the original Ostrichpillow in 2012, I am not going to tell a lie, but at that point all the Kickstarter's records were broken but I think that this might be a clever joke It was. Or, worse, Silicon Valley is now parodied because "sleep on desktop" products are gaining popularity among startups.

"Innovative" design company Studio Banana has offices in London, Geneva and Madrid with offices in Europe. And after 500,000 sales and 5 products, the joke is definitely in his critic. What you want to tell the founder seeking verification is ultimately to decide the market.

Please enter the latest Ostrichpillow: Ostrichpillow Hood named Astly. The name is correct, well, that is the food. However, unlike previous products in this range, designed to promote sleep in a non-traditional environment, we are told that Ostrich Bo Food should be used for "daily life" I will.

Specifically, by lowering the ability to see activity in the field of vision, it helps to concentrate on the work at hand or reduce excessive stimulation as induced. Through an open workspace.

Original Ostrich Pillow

"Ali Ganjavian, co-founder of Studio Banana, said:" The product we are launching now is the sixth among the various products that came out in the Ostrichpillow family and meets various needs. Ostrichpuro is truly a complete isolation problem, it was actually a product of a statement … different products have different use cases, different functions, different social acceptance "

The Ostrichpillow food proves to be socially acceptable, especially for those who know the original Ostrich Pilow, but it is very different from seeking colleagues to respect the need to focus. .

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Ostrichpillow Hood, the latest product of Studio Banana, is not a joke.

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