Our Final Fantasy 7 Oral high book is out now

Last year, Polygon cooperated with the publisher of -Only Memory and launched Kickstarter's campaign. We, Final Fantasy 7 It seemed like it was a fun experience. So we shot it. And thanks to 1,871 contributors, the idea became a book.

Since then, we have gathered what we call, through details After 500 years: Final Fantasy VII's Oral High. I will inform you that today this book has been completed. It will start arriving at the hands of sponsors and can purchase.

If you counted, nine months have passed since Kickstarter's closing in about four years, and in about 21 years after you started thinking about this in 20 months after publishing the original on this site. Final Fantasy 7 First sold. These are time consuming.

When I worked on this, people were always concerned Fluffy Bird. Square Enix has not announced him Final Fantasy 7 Remake. And now, the lazy, perfectionist and something else combined, the development team has been involved about three times longer than the game itself.

At the time, basically, he produced a part of the director online, such as Mr. Hirohisa Sakaguchi's preface, new interview, excerpt not applicable to the original, illustration of sparrow, design by Rachel Dalton, etc. Darren Wall's production. It has three bookmarks, one of which opens a particularly sophisticated Easter egg.

All that is to say, in other words, to check out the book at the only memory site. Please purchase a copy if you wish. Or simply online version. There will be plenty of time before Square Enix remakes.

Hope you like the news:

Our Final Fantasy 7 Oral high book is out now

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