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Description of PadCAD Lite Review

PadCAD Lite is an easy-to-use, free CAD application for small to medium-sized projects, such as: B. for home construction, renovation projects, furniture construction and site investigations. With PadCAD Lite, anyone can create clean and concise CAD drawings. If you want to save or export your drawings in a professional CAD application, such as AutoCAD, you can upgrade PadCAD Lite and export your drawings to a variety of popular formats, including PDF or DXF files. Designed for ease of use, speed and mobility, PadCAD Lite is NOT a complete CAD application. It is the perfect starting point for your design projects. PadCAD Lite is ideal for general contractors, carpenters, architectural firms, experts and real estate professionals. PadCAD Lite has a very flat learning curve and does not require a previous CAD experience. A comprehensive guide is provided with the app.

Please note: PadCAD Lite is free for evaluation purposes and can not save your drawings. You can lose your drawings when you exit the app. To save your drawings, you must update the app. The cost of an upgrade is $ 14.99 (usd). After the upgrade, PadCAD Lite allows you to export your drawings as image files, PDF files, or DXF files.

Main features:

1) Intuitive finger-based drawing and editing: Draw walls with your finger and then adjust them by pulling or stretching them.

2) Fine Tuning Controls: For greater accuracy, each item can be tuned to numerical values.

3) Unlimited Undo and Redo: You can undo all the way to the beginning of your session or restore to your current state.

4) Take pictures: From the app you can take pictures with the camera built into your iPad and link them with your CAD drawing. You can also use your iPad's built-in microphone to create and insert audio annotations in your drawings.

5) Intuitive zooming and panning: Use two fingers to zoom in and out of your drawing, just like any other image on the iPad. You can also pan the drawing simply by pulling your finger. The drawing area is larger than the iPad screen, which allows you to export projects that are 170 x 128 cm in size.

Note: PadCAD Lite is a free version of the PadCAD App. It is functionally identical to PadCAD, except that you can not export or save your drawings. After the upgrade, PadCAD Lite and PadCAD are the same. When you're ready to dive directly, go ahead and get PadCAD. If you want to try it before you buy, get PadCAD Lite. You can always upgrade later.

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