Palo Alto Apple Store robbed twice in less than 12 hours

The Apple store in downtown Palo Alto has received two thefts in 12 hours on weekends and the wave of crime related to California's Apple store continues.

In the first case, eight gangs entered the store on Saturday at 7 pm and began stealing the iPhone and other devices before escaping to several cars. In the early morning of Sunday the glass door of the store broke with stones and other products were taken.

The total amount of aircraft sold was estimated at $ 107,000. No suspects have been identified and arrested.

The police are asking a person with information on either flight 24 hours telephone number (650-329-2413). Anonymous tips can also be sent by e-mail to paloalto @ or sent via SMS or voicemail (650-383-8984).

Apple Store shortage

At the end of this week only Palo Alto's Apple Store was not California's Apple Store. In the Apple Store at Santa Rosa Plaza Shopping Center in California, six thefts caused similar armed robbery on Sunday. Fortunately, in this case, one of the thieves was arrested for being hit by the ground for the safety of shopping malls and high quality Samaritans. We do not know whether the same thief is responsible or not.

Unfortunately, this is the tip of the iceberg at the flight within the state of the Apple Store. Other target sites in recent months include the Apple Store in Emeryville, Santa Rosa, Marin County, Fresno. Until a two hour flight at Palo Alto's Apple Store, the most unhappy Apple Store was the Roseville Galleria Mall. It has been stolen four times in 20 days, including twice within 24 hours.

To try and fly in the same way, Apple installs a special version of the software on the display device. These will not work if the demo unit is stolen from the store.

However, this seems not to be enough. As regular Apple Store flights increase, this is your risk. There is also a siren call to another person who is likely to fly similarly. It may be time for Apple to hire its own security forces or to pay for the uniform.

Source: Palo Alto Online

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