Patent lawsuit takes aim at Apple#039;s encrypted iMessage and FaceTime services, VPN technology

The MPH combination submitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District of California claims eight patents on secure messaging solutions for existing Apple software and services.

Specifically, Apple says it violates the intellectual property rights associated with sending and sending messages over secure connections. This action has iMessage, FaceTime, Apple's always-on VPN feature, the latter is a mobile device management (MDM) solution for businesses and educational institutions.

Among the eight patents, MPH details how to initiate secure communication via various technologies such as VPN encryption and end-to-end encryption. According to MPH, Apple has applied protection technology to devices that run macOS, iOS, and OS without permission.

MPH firstly notified Apple that it was considered patent infringement by a series of e-mails sent on July 1, 2016 and called Apple's patent acquisition manager. This October follow-up letter clarified the applicability of MPH's patent, and subsequently submitted a patent to Apple.

Apple sent this matter to internal patent attorneys. An internal patent attorney received additional information on suspicion of patent infringement in November. After three months, after reviewing the document from MPH, Apple sent a letter containing a statement that the invoked patent is not infringed or not valid, so we do not believe the license is necessary It was.

MPH and Apple officials discussed this issue as long as they hold several telephone conferences in May 2017 regarding potential licensing agreements. During one of these, Apple's lawyers demonstrated that the company is preparing MPH's patent analysis and that intellectual property is invalid for state-of-the-art technology. This analysis has never been issued.

Direct communication between the two companies ended in July 2017 and MPH sent a notice of two patent applications.Apple acknowledged the message with a simple response that future correspondence will soon be over.

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