Photo smackdown: iPhone XS Max versus Samsung#039;s Galaxy Note 9

The camera of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a similar 12 MP sensor behind telephoto lens and wide lens. It also has a live focus function that simulates background blurring, and you can also adjust the blurring after shooting.

We went to the heart of Allen, Allen, took a lot of pictures and we saw how Apple's new iPhone XS Max works well with Note 9.

High dynamic range (HDR)

With this first portrait shot you can see how good the dynamic range is on the iPhone XS Max. The image T – shirt in Note 9 is off, and the XS Max image is completely balanced. Besides that, the dark part of the picture will brighten on the iPhone.

Here, the sky of note 9 is excessively exposed, and the color is largely lost. If you look closely at the building in the background, they will also be destroyed. However, note 9 kept the subject brighter and made it more exposed. We also noticed the saturation of the image of note 9, which is personal preference, but prefer a more natural appearance.

Here's the change. When photographing against the sun, note 9 will do a better job with dynamic range. The highlight is the same, but note 9 keeps the darker parts of the scene bright. Note 9 has few flares.

Now there are images of the same scene except portrait mode. Although the sunspot in Note 9 becomes larger, it is far better to have the subject exposed properly. There is a huge rash on the iPhone XS Max image again.

In this picture, note 9 provides better dynamic within the garage.

Compare portraits. Live focus mode

In portrait mode, you can see that the background of XS Max is more blurry. Note 9 picture Jersey will notice that it is slightly cloudy. My favorite image of XS Max is a more balanced background and a bright background.

iPhone XS; XS Max has a new depth control function, widening the range of blur tuning compared to note 9 …

Hope you like the news Photo smackdown: iPhone XS Max versus Samsung#039;s Galaxy Note 9. Stay Tuned For More Updates 🙂

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