Photographers share stunning photos shot on iPhone XS

As almost every year, Apple has given two professional photographers quick access to iPhone XS before introducing the features of iPhone XS. Travel reporter Austin Man and former White House photographer Pete Sousa shared Monday footage from Apple's flagship smartphone before being released on Friday.

Mann, created in the old iPhone unit in the past, first took a series of photos to Zanzibar Petapixel.

Many pictures are great, showing the wide dynamic range of the new iPhone camera. There are images of waves, shots facing the sun, a lot of port late shots, and so on.

In portrait mode, there seems to be still a case where there is a problem of separation of subjects, as seen in the ingestion of beer cans. A slight blur around its top can indicate that the system is confusing the object with the background content. It will show a portrait photo of the crew of the boat

In the 2nd gallery Souza made a series of photos for e-mail every day.

All the pictures were taken in Washington DC, and again I introduce a lot of low-light photos, vivid colors, portrait style features.

Please check out the complete gallery and check the pictures further.

As you get closer to iPhone XS and XS Max releases, you can probably use the new mobile phone's photo features. Apple has consistently called the iPhone the most popular camera in the world and has invested heavily in TV, printed matter and digital advertisements. One of these campaigns "Shot on iPhone" is an important means to promote new iPhone hardware, borrowing photographs taken by ordinary users and amateur photographers.

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