PhotoTransfer for iPhone and iPad: Review And Features

Description of PhotoTransfer for iPhone and iPad Review

Super simple iPhone, iPad, PC between the transfer of the software to the photo!
Free registration, free registration, no data cable
And support photos
Small size only 0.8 M, E-networks and O-networks can be easily downloaded!
Our products in the Chinese region have adopted a permanent free strategy
We have selected the best network providers in China to be fast and stable
The problem of transferring images between two devices requires only two steps
1 click on the A-device: send photos and get the code
2 Click the B device: Receive photos and enter the receipt code
100% safety
You can choose to have the photos deleted to send photos, get the code invalid immediately, or 24 hours after the system is automatically destroyed
Of course, we also offer the transfer of services between computers, access to and the computer can send photos
Thank you for choosing the photo transfer machine

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