Polar's latest pole center heart rate Smartwatch lasts for 40 hours

Most smart watches will not last more than a few hours of GPS connection. The dedicated GPS watch is far superior. According to Polar, the new Vantage V can see a new Polar training watch based on the lifetime of the new battery pack, which lasts 40 hours with GPS and heart rate.

Vantage V and low end Vantage M features a new heart rate sensor using a green and red diode array and a new metal contact that uses skin contact to maintain accurate heart rate. Paula states that the improved sensor has effects on the skin, hair and sweat, and even during swimming. Detection of the heart rate of the watch is not accurate in EKG, but it is designed to work with multiple sports.

Vantage V features touch screens and physical buttons, but the large fixed stand-up wrist strap $ 500, the Vantage M of $ 280 has an easier replaceable wristband and touch screen. Vantage M battery life when using GPS is 30 hours, but it is quite cheap.

Paula Vantage - vm - 3

Vantage V.

The Polar fitness platform has several other features that trackers usually do not have. The trainer can pass a personalized training session to the wearer of Polar watch using Polar's web based tool. The new intelligent coaching mode Training Load Pro evaluates the strength of the heart and adjusts the training to avoid excessive or insufficient training.

This is no doubt Smart Watch and Fitness Tracker Season. Please enjoy the impression of the wrist watch when arriving in October.

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Polar's latest pole center heart rate Smartwatch lasts for 40 hours

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