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With PrinterShareTM Premium you can print photos, contacts and web pages. Many other apps, including Mail, Safari, and Notes, allow you to copy something and paste it into PrinterShare for printing.


The PrinterShare app is not completely free. It is free to install and print a test page, but actual printing requires payment.
To unlock the full functionality, you must purchase the Premium Key as an in-app purchase within this app or by purchasing the PrinterShare Premium App from the App Store.


With the paid PrinterShare app you can print the following contents:

– photos and pictures;
– websites, e-mails and attachments;
– Contacts;
– Content copied to the clipboard (with Paste to Print);
– Content shared by other apps via the Action button.

You can print via:

– Wi-Fi (with a Wi-Fi Direct printer or with a Wi-Fi router as a mediator);
– Bluetooth (only on supported Apple MFi certified printers);
– PC or Mac (if your printer is shared through the PrinterShare Console desktop client or the standard operating system tools on your computer);
– Google Cloud Print;
– AirPrint


Print on nearby wireless printers

Most Wi-Fi printers are automatically detected. PrinterShare can print directly to such printers if supported by the app.

Here is the list of printers supported by the PrinterShare app:
If your printer is not supported, you can also print using the PrinterShare Console desktop app. As long as your printer is available from a Windows or Mac computer, you can print from the console. Download the PrinterShare Console software from to use it.
The PrinterShare app installed on your mobile device automatically finds printers shared through the console. Note, however, that your printer should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your mobile device is connected to.

Remote printing over the Internet

In addition, you can print over the Internet to printers located anywhere in the world. This requires the same console software installed on the receiver-side computer and a registered PrinterShare Console account. Remote PrinterShare Premium printing via the PrinterShare console requires no additional payments.


Please visit www. for more information about printing with the PrinterShare app.

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