Processing time series data: What are the options?

Google does not always do the right thing. However, when Google focuses on something, you know that something gathers attention. Google announces the Cloud Reasoning API and discovers information from time series data. This is an appropriate timing to check the time series data processing option.

Time series are a series of indexed data points (or listed or displayed) and are displayed in chronological order. In most cases, the time series is a sequence at consecutive equally spaced moments. Therefore, it is a discrete data sequence. Time series exs are ocean tide height, number of sunspots, Dow Jones industrial average daily closing price.

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This is a way Wikipedia defines the time series, and with this definition most of the data will look like a time series. This is important for time series data processing and it will become even more important in the future. When keeping recording the same value each time it has a time series.

Streaming structure, cloud and time database

This seems to be familiar to you, but real-time applications are a premise of what we have done a lot, such as framework for streaming, real-time data processing. The streaming framework is useful if you want to capture real-time data, apply transformations and rules and process them on the spot.

Since the ACID function for streaming has been added, this is a viable alternative to traditional databases. However, despite the popularity of streaming, it does not mean that everyone is receiving continuous treatment, yet they are not adopting it. As streaming executives point out, this requires a change in thinking and software infrastructure.

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So, if you have time series data somewhere and are trying to analyze it for more specific information, how can you do it outside the streaming framework?

As the cloud will effectively store most of the newly generated time series data, it is useful to be able to process this data in the cloud. This explains the latest Google announcement and the fact that AWS and Microsoft Azure are offering their own offer.

There are no clouds …

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