Product placement can help NASA's next big space mission

Let's imagine: In 2020, NASA is about to launch the next robotic robot on Mars. But his name is not as simple as Curiosity or Sojourner. Instead, it is the Michelin Tire Trail Blazer, named after the company that acquired the mission's naming rights, and the famous Michelin man is adorned by the spaceship. During the mission, NASA's astronauts live from space and are alive. Pause to show the viewer the merit of Brayton's watch. "It's the best way to get time on the Carman line.

This is only a hypothetical scenario at the moment, but it is consistent with the concept NASA begins to explore in the coming months.

NASA 's Jim Bridensteen said in August he will set up a new committee to decide how to sell NASA to advisors. The committee led by Maxar Technologies' Mike Gold will focus on finding ways NASA can cooperate with advertisers to promote spacecraft and rockets.

One of the goals of Bridenstine is to offset the cost of NASA's mission by selling equipment naming rights to private companies. By allowing astronauts to make cereal-like commercials, these references will help "improve the visibility of space activities in popular culture," according to Gold.

"I am telling you, I am interested in this now," Bridenstine said at the Advisory Committee of NASA.

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Product placement can help NASA's next big space mission

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