Samsung Galaxy S20 Review

  • Compact 2-TOUCH Display
  • 4000 mAh Battery
  • 64MP Telephoto Lens
  • A hybrid of a microSD Card Slot
  • Limited Storage

Samsung Galaxy S20, Design

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the most affordable flagship smartphone under the Galaxy S20 range of devices. As for the other two models, the S20 is equipped with a first-class finish and build quality with a glass-to-metal sandwich design.

On the front side of the smartphone has a 6.2-inch TOUCH screen with QHD resolution, protected by 2.5 D curved Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass protection. There is a small punch-hole, or Such as-O-cut, with a higher screen-to-body ratio. In short, the phone looks premium and is light in weight. This is one of the first smartphones to support the 120Hz 2K AMOLED display.

Samsung Galaxy S20: The Performance Of The Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S20, it is one of the first smartphones to be launched in India will be powered by the Exynos 990, SoC), based on the 7nm+ production, with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage, with a hybrid SIM, card slot for additional expansion of the storage capacity of 1 tb.

The S 990 is a very capable flagship processor, it supports features such as 108MP camera, the native 8K video recording and much, much more. In addition to the ability to play a game that you throw at it with high-quality graphics, without any problem.

Samsung Galaxy S20: The Performance Of The Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S20 will come with a flagship camera setup, consisting of 64MP zoom lens, 12MP wide-angle lens, and a 12MP ultra-wide angle lens with support for 8K video recording at 24fps, and 4K video recording at 60fps.

When it comes to photography, the camera has a special night mode, and it features a 3x optical zoom, and may also be in the native 64MP images. For selfies, the smartphone makes use of a 10MP camera that can also record 2K videos.

Samsung Galaxy S20: The Price To Specs Ratio

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is available in India for Rs. 66,999, and it offers 8GB of LPDDR5 of RAM, a 128gb of internal storage. This device will compete against the likes of Apple’s iPhone, as 11, which is also around the same price.

When it comes to price-to-specs ratio, its the Samsung Galaxy S20, it is still useful, because it provides a lot of features and does not compromise on the hardware specifications, it is compared with the high-end models.

Samsung Galaxy S20: Key Features/Highlights

The Samsung Galaxy S20’s USP is that it comes with a 2K AMOLED display with a QHD resolution. This is not the first Samsung smartphone to offer a display with a 2K resolution, and it was one of the first smartphones to offer a 120Hz refresh rate which will be raise as the user of the smartphone experience.

The smartphone has a 4000 mAh battery with support for wireless charging, and a regular fast-charging. This phone also supports the reverse has an image stabilizer, which can be used for charging the battery, accessories and smartphones that support wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy S20: Judgment

The Samsung Galaxy S20, the new age-the flagship smartphone from Samsung. This unit has everything a high-end smartphone user would expect to see. In addition, it also offers some of the industry-leading features, such as LPDDR5 of RAM, and a display unit that can provide up to 1200nits brightness, which will raise the user’s smartphone experience.

If you are looking for a high-end smartphone that’s compact and has all of the features, and it costs around a lakh is for the Samsung Galaxy S20 is the machine that you should consider.

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Samsung Galaxy S20
Samsung Galaxy S20