Aqara Camera Hub G2H Review

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Aqara Camera Hub G2H Review
Aqara Camera Hub G2H Review


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The Aqara Camera Hub G2H Review

Aqara makes a range of HomeKit-compatible smart home devices for multiple regions around the world. This review takes a look at six of Aqara’s most popular products, including the Camera Hub G2H, motion sensor, door and window sensor, water leak sensor, vibration sensor and single switch module T1.

With this wide selection of accessories, supported by the Camera Hub G2H allowed me to create a diverse HomeKit setup and put Aqara’s devices to the test. Although Aqara has its own app for operation and setting up the accessories, it is possible to fully control, automate and manage them through Apple’s Home app.

All Aqara smart home devices share the same minimalist design language. With the exception of the water leakage sensor, they each use a smooth matte white plastic, almost like the texture of the Apple Pencil, with gray accents. The result feels high quality and there is clear consistency across the family of devices.

I was very impressed with the design of each product and it is striking how compact these devices are compared to many of their ‌HomeKit‌ competitors. This is especially important with smart home devices, where being discreet and fading into the background is essential.

For the Camera Hub G2H users just need to plug in the included micro USB cable and download the Aqara app to start the installation process. The Aqara app recognizes the Camera Hub on the network very quickly and automatically adds it to the Home app with everything features, such as HomeKit Secure Video, ready to use.

Unlike many other smart home accessories, which I have used before, the G2H gives voice alerts to inform you about the status of the device, such as when it is detected, searching for a network or successfully connected.

Institution up each of the other Aqara devices was even simpler. First, open the Aqara app and select which accessory you want to add. Then pull out the blue battery tab to turn on the accessory and press and hold the small clutch button. The Camera Hub G2H then gives voice alerts to clearly inform you that the new device has been detected and added a few moments later.

The G2H’s voice prompts are very loud and not quite necessary, but the feature provides some clarity on what is happening at a particular point in the pairing process.

I would have preferred not to have to use my own app, but overall, Aqara’s setup process is one of the easiest I’ve experienced with ‌HomeKit. Where other accessories I’ve used struggled to connect to the network or took a few minutes to pair, Aqara’s process was quick and hassle-free.

The Camera Hub G2H is a 1080p HomeKit compatible smart camera with a 140-degree wide-angle lens. The camera features HomeKit Secure Video, two-way audio and night vision.

The base of the G2H pivots and unfolds to camera in any direction, and it’s also magnetic to attach to walls via a small metal plate included in the box. This plate can be attached to a surface with an adhesive pad or screwed directly. I was impressed with the amount of flexibility the camera’s fold-out base, especially compared to some of the other smart ones camera’s, and it was easy to quickly get it in the right direction.

The camera is powered via a standard micro USB cable. Another smart one home camera’s, such as the Logitech Circle 2, use a proprietary power cable, making it difficult to get hold of a longer cable when installing the camera further away from a power outlet, so the G2H’s use of micro USB makes it easy to get a longer cable if the included cable isn’t enough for your setup.

The Camera Hub’s support for HomeKit Secure Video allows it to encrypt and store footage in iCloud instead of on servers managed by Aqara. Recordings can be viewed in Apple’s Home app, and all motion and people detection is done on the device for privacy purposes. Using ‌‌HomeKit Secure Video‌‌ requires an upgraded ‌‌iCloud‌‌ storage plan. Apple’s 200GB plan supports one ‌‌HomeKit Secure Video‌‌ camera, while it supports 2TB plan up up to five camera’s.

The G2H also offers a standard night vision mode and uses a small color-changing LED to indicate the status of the device. Although it is clear that the camera is not as sharp as some 4K alternatives and the colors were a bit washed out, it copes well with different lighting situations and is more than acceptable for monitoring part of the screen home.

In addition, the G2H features ‌HomeKit‌ two-way audio, allowing users to hear live audio from the camera and even communicate through the speaker through the Home app. The G2H’s microphone apparently reduces ambient noise, but I didn’t really notice this during daily use. The speaker is very loud for its size and projects easily into a large room, and while it doesn’t deliver the clearest possible sound, the quality is adequate for a short voice message.

What makes the G2H different from many others cameraWhat’s on the market is that it also functions as a Zigbee hub, allowing it to act as a local control center for other devices. This means that users do not need to connect a separate hub to their router to control Aqara’s range of devices. As someone who already has a messy router with Philips Hue and Soma Connect Hubs take it up space and ethernet ports, the fact that the G2H doubles as a hub is an excellent idea, and it’s good to see smart home Accessory manufacturers are finding innovative ways to stop relying on router-connected hubs.

The only downside of this solution is if you want to use other Aqara devices without the camera, you must purchase a dedicated Aqara hub.

The Aqara Motion Sensor can detect motion within a range of 22 feet and 170 degrees. You can use the sensor to detect unexpected movement, for example to be alerted to a potential intruder, or simply to: home automation to activate lights and other smart home devices.

The sensor is incredibly compact and light, which makes other motion sensors I’ve used, such as the Philips Hue Motion Sensor, feel unnecessarily large and heavy. There is an LED embedded behind the sensor portion of the device to indicate status, but it usually stays off to fit into the discreet design.

In addition, Aqara’s motion sensor includes an optional fully articulated stand for accurate orientation. This base is adhesive to mount on a wall, and since the whole package is so light, I expect it would easily be strong enough to hold. The stand makes Aqara’s motion sensor much more versatile and easier to set up up than many other motion sensors.

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