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Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV (55CSA7090) Review

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Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV (55CSA7090) Review
Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV (55CSA7090) Review


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This review is about Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV (55CSA7090) Review. So read this review Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV (55CSA7090) Review with full details and specs.

The Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV (55CSA7090) Review

The name “Blaupunkt” has always been synonymous with big, thumping sound systems to me. Of course I was pleasantly surprised to know that Blaupunkt is coming up with a Smart TV setup. I was even more surprised to know that Blaupunkt has also made Smart TVs before. Anyway, this time they did it through a licensed manufacturing agreement with SPPL, the Indian company that also produces Thomson and Kodak branded TVs. Of the 4 sizes that Blaupunkt has launched, I’ve been using the 55-inch model in the last 10 days, and here’s what you need to know. Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV Review: Design & Build

Blaupunkt TV looks and feels a lot like any other standard Smart TV. It has an all-plastic back, somewhat thick build, so nothing that really stands out. One thing I liked is that the TV box comes with a standard wall mount so you don’t have to pay extra.

If you like to put your TV on a table top like I do, there are also two sturdy table stands. The frame of the TV wobbles a bit due to the large size, but I don’t think that will be a problem once the TV is placed.

Among the ports, there are 3 HDMI 2.0 ports (one of them supports ARC), 2 USB ports, an antenna port and also an Ethernet port. There is no 3.5mm headphone jack here. It also lacks the standard RCA input ports, so you’ll need to buy a converter if you have the classic, non-HDMI set-top box.

On the front we get thin black bezels on three sides with a slightly thicker metal chin at the bottom. The remote control we get with the TV is a straight up copy of what we get with the Thomson TVs. It’s an ordinary remote control with an abundance of buttons includes numeric keypad, media controls buttons and more. You do get shortcuts for Netflix, YouTube, Play Store and also a special Google Assistant As button for voice commands.

It’s a Bluetooth remote, so you don’t necessarily have to point it at the TV to work. The remote functionality is generally as expected, but I would have liked a slimmer remote with more focus on smart functionalities. Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV Review: Display & UX

The 55-inch screen here is a backlit LCD with a resolution of 3840×2160 (4K) and a refresh rate of 60Hz. Official specs claim the peak brightness is 550 nits, but I suspect this is for a very low APL (Average Picture Level). In my internal testing, the TV hit about 390 lux on my lux meter.

That said, I didn’t find brightness an issue during my use of the TV. There is also support for Dynamic Backlight, so that the screen can be adjusted according to the brightness of the environment. However, this TV can’t dim locally at all, so if you’re watching dark scenes at night, the backlighting sometimes feels a bit too much. Of course the black levels are not something to write down home about. Compare this to a Oneplus TV U1s or Mi QLED TV, and you’ll definitely get much better black levels there.

Support for Dolby Vision is also missing here, but it’s not a huge deal-breaker as DV content is still not too easily available. What we do get here is support for HDR10 content, and that works as expected on the TV. I enjoyed watching HDR videos from YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime and the content looked great to me, at least in daylight. At night, the unimpressive black values ​​do break the experience a bit, but we have to make peace with that for TVs in this segment.

There are several preset picture profiles for you to choose from, or you can choose to manually adjust the contrast, brightness, color saturation, etc. In my use, I found the ‘Vivid’ profile most appealing when viewing content with a lot of colors and bright scenes. However, it tends to increase saturation and skin tones also take on a reddish tinge. For more accurate color reproduction, the ‘Film’ profile is best. There’s no support for MEMC here, but to be honest I didn’t miss it much.

I didn’t get a chance to test out the TV with basic cable TV content, but I think that shouldn’t be a problem either. In general, the image quality of this TV is what you would expect from a standard smart TV. Nothing really game-changing, but nothing bad either.

As for the overall user experience, the TV comes with Android 10 TV and has 2 GB of RAM and 8 gigs of internal storage. In my use it was mostly smooth sailing, with a few hitches here and there. The TV supports Quick Wake and can immediately pick up where you left off.

You also get access to all apps and games through Google Play Store and the general user interface is what you get on any Android TV. I missed having a content aggregator skin like we get on Xiaomi and Oneplus TVs. Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV Review: Speakers & Extras

This TV comes with a 60W speaker system and coming from the Blaupunkt brand, I had set my expectations too high. Sorry to ruin your party, but the speakers here are pretty average. They get really loud, I could barely get the volume above 30%. But the actual sound quality isn’t that great. The sound is distorted too quickly and the bass response is very hollow and does not sound good at all. In comparison: the Samsung TV I have on home produces a much deeper bass and clear sound, without even becoming its USP. I’m just saying don’t buy this TV for the speakers. It’s not bad, but not special either.

There’s support for DTS Sound, and I’d recommend sticking with it, as it definitely adds some spice to the sound output. The TV also supports Dolby Atmos content, although you’ll need an Atmos-compatible sound system to use it. The TV also comes with two-way Bluetooth connectivity so you can use the TV as a Bluetooth speaker. Although I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re really short on options. I used my own Bluetooth speakers to send audio from the TV, and the BT connection was solid. The TV also comes with Chromecast built-in, so you can seamlessly cast content via your Android smartphone. Blaupunkt 55-inch 4K TV Review: Prices and

The 55-inch variant of the Blaupunkt 4K TV costs Rs 40,999 and is sold through Flipkart. To be fair, other than the branding on the chin, there’s nothing really Blaupunkt-ey about this TV. It looks and works like a Thomson TV. That’s not a bad thing at all, because the actual TV experience you get here isn’t bad at all. This means I’m struggling to find any reason to recommend anyone buy this TV, especially since Thomson’s own 55-inch OATHPRO TV retails for Rs 38,999 and also has Dolby Vision support. Yes, it has a 30W speaker system, but the 60W speaker system is no better here.

If you’re looking for a better TV experience, you can get the 55-inch Hisense A73F TV that comes with a 102W JBL 6-speaker sound system, Dolby Vision and all the good stuff. Then there are the standard 55-inch models from Hisense and VU around 41-42K that also support DV.

So that’s the story about the TV line-up from Blaupunkt for 2021. As of now, it’s just another decent product in the ocean of budget Smart TVs available right now. I wish they had done a little more to differentiate themselves from the experience other SPPL brands offer.

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