Hotspawn Audeze Mobius Headphones Review

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Hotspawn Audeze Mobius Headphones Review
Hotspawn Audeze Mobius Headphones Review


This review is about Hotspawn Audeze Mobius Headphones Review. So read this Hotspawn Audeze Mobius Headphones Review with full details and specs.

The Hotspawn Audeze Mobius Headphones Review

The Audeze Mobius headphones are an audio wonderland for gamers and audiophiles. The Mobius are the best high-end headphones a gamer can own.

Audeze specializes in using innovative science and technology to design precision audio products unlike any other. It’s no wonder that the Audeze Mobius gaming headphones quickly became the king of gaming headsets. From their innovative planar magnetic drivers to anatomical calibration, the nuances of sound take you to another plane.

There are many great sounding, high-end gaming headsets out there. However, Mobius creates an almost otherworldly audio experience, be it gaming or listening to music. Find out how Audeze is set up up the Audeze Mobius headphones as the best high-end gaming headset on the market today.

Specifications Audeze Mobius Headphones Flat magnetic drivers for audiophile-quality cinema sound Full 3D emulation with wired USB support for popular surround sound First impression of the Audeze Mobius headphones From packaging to product, the Audeze Mobius headphones look like headphones for adults. The Mobius Headphones have a stylish yet simplistic design. The frame is matte black with gray accents. The black headband has the Audeze font in gray. The ear cups are a black with gray equalizer and Mobius on the left ear cup.

Mobius is fairly lightweight and comfortable. The over-ear cups have a replaceable soft foam cushion with a leatherette cover. The headband has the same memory foam cushion. While some people prefer a more breathable cover for the earcups, my ears stayed cool after hours of gaming and listening to music.

The left earcup contains the power, mute and 3D buttons as well as the volume buttons for audio and microphone. Holding the power button power is supplied to the headphones for 3 seconds. Once on, double tap the power button switches between Bluetooth, USB and Audio Jack. While looking straight ahead, press the 3D button once to center your headset for autonomy calibration. Hold the 3D button to enable 3D mode and switch between 3D Manual and 3D Auto.

Mobius has separate volume buttons for the microphone and the audio. When listening to music, press the audio volume wheel and scroll up or down to go to the previous track or track. Press the microphone wheel and scroll to cycle through the equalizer presets:

Audeze Mobius has a detachable microphone that is flexible. The very first time I used Mobius in Discord, my friends asked if I finally had a professional microphone. When I listened to a recording of my voice I sounded incredibly clear, no background noise at all.

Different connection modes Audeze Mobius has three ways to connect: 3D 8Chan, Bluetooth and 3.5mm extra. And they all offer insanely good sound quality. Mobius uses 100 mm drivers, which are flat magnetic drivers. Planar magnetic drivers use a magnetic field to generate more precise sounds.

3D 8Channel Audeze Mobius Picks up in-game sounds like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Audeze’s innovative technology takes digital sound beyond surround with 3D audio and Ambisonics support.

Bluetooth Although there is ‘some’ loss in audio quality, Mobius still sounds great over Bluetooth. The Audeze Mobius page says that Bluetooth mode gives over ten hours of battery life. I was able to get 12 hours of battery life from Mobius.

While the sound quality is great, Bluetooth only allows you to listen to one sound source at a time. If you are gaming and using Mobius via Bluetooth, you will not be able to communicate via Discord or listen to music.

3.5mm jack Although the Mobius headphones are designed for PC, connect Mobius to your console controller or mobile device through a 3.5mm jack.

Note: Planar magnetic drivers have a known wrinkle problem due to air trapped between your head and the diaphragm. This creates a crackling sound when your head moves. How do you avoid the crackling sound with flat magnetic drivers? It’s pretty simple. Just put the headphones on slowly and steadily so that no air gets trapped.

AudezeHQ software The AudezeHQ software allows the sound of the Mobius and Penrose Wireless Planar Magnetic Headset to be adjusted. In AudezeHQ you can perform the same functions as the buttons and volume buttons on the earcup. You can also check the battery life of your headset. While it has custom audio profiles, the audio isn’t as customizable as I’d like. There are the gaming audio presets that you can save to your profile, but that’s about it.


The Audeze Mobius did not disappoint. Mobius creates an immersive audio experience that is more than enjoyable. After using Mobius for a month and then testing another headset, I can honestly say that once you’ve used Mobius, everything else pales in comparison. If you are a gamer and an audiophile, you will want the Audeze Mobius headphones in your life.

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