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Lawn Mowing Simulator Review – GameSpew
Lawn Mowing Simulator Review – GameSpew


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The Lawn Mowing Simulator Review – GameSpew

I have a certain understanding when it comes to games with “simulator” in the title. I tend to assume it will be German, and possibly janky. Amazingly, Lawn Mowing Simulator is not one of those games. Sure, it serves the same purpose, but it’s actually very well made. It definitely didn’t have to be, but the folks at Skyhook Games really put in the effort to make a good game, and they succeeded. Well, if you like lawn mowing.

When I first turned on the game, my expectations were not high. I was burned too many times by this genre, and Lawnmower Game 2 still sticks in my head as the exact opposite of what a lawn care game should be. But most of the components offered in Lawn Mowing Simulator are what they should be. When the game starts, you select an avatar, choose their clothes and then choose from one of two riding lawnmowers to start your business. Your first picks are slow as molasses and don’t have much room for fuel, but there has to be some sort of build up to the better things, after all.


The meat of Lawn Mowing Simulator is the career mode, where you create your own lawn mowing business. After creating and naming your avatar, you need to choose a company name and logo. Next one up buy your very first ride-on mower, then you really get to work.

Every day you choose from a variety of contracts, each with their own level of complexity. At the start of your career, you are generally more likely to be offered jobs that don’t pay much or give you too much of a reputation boost. However, consistently doing a good job will raise your company’s profile and soon you’ll be attracting more complex jobs that pay better. Eventually you will even be able to pay employees, although you will have to upgrade your property or buy a new one to really grow.

Mowing a lawn is just as labor intensive as you might expect. When you arrive at the yard or park that needs to be maintained, you will first be given some time to inspect the area for objects that could cause damage to your lawnmower if you drive over it. You don’t have to check if you don’t want to, but it’s in your best interest to do so; it not only saves you some extra maintenance later on, but you also get a small bonus for finding all the tricky objects.

After the grass check is completed (or ignored), it’s time to climb on your lawnmower, start it up up, and drive it off your trailer and onto the grass. There are a total of 12 lawnmowers in the game, although you can’t afford some of the bigger, nicer ones until you’ve made some serious money. You should also consider which lawn mower is right for the job. For example, if you are mowing a busy garden, it is better to choose a small lawn mower with a small turning circle. Some gardens may have walls or trellis arches that prevent some of the largest lawnmowers from accessing as well.


There are three options to enjoy in the lawn mowing simulator: Career, Challenge and Free modes. I’m going to focus on the Career mode initially as it gives you a decent overall experience and what is required of the game mechanics and lawn mowing. Here you must first choose your avatar, the name of your company and a logo from the many options offered. Then you buy your first lawnmower and the real action begins.

Now, when we think of lawnmowers, it’s best not to imagine pushing through the yard, hopelessly mowing the grass. In fact, you shouldn’t even think about those Flymos that get clogged up before you’ve even started. Lawn Mowing Simulator deals with top class mowers; the seat and drive type, so much so that the teams behind it have been able to access the licenses of real mower manufacturers – names like Toro and STIGA. Names that probably won’t mean much to many. However, these mowers are designed to such a high standard that they are just as accurate as models of their real-life counterparts, complete with all attachments and shiny looks. You start your career with a choice of two, but there are a total of 12 to buy in the base game, and more promised via DLC.

So you’ve got the mower, and the next thing you need is some grass to mow. On the menu screen, Lawn Mowing Simulator displays several categories and the main one is the task list. Here you have different jobs, located at specific houses or places that need a makeover. They all come with a decent description of the job such as ‘Front Garden at Chisel Place 13’ or ‘Paddock’ and then a star rating of how difficult the job can be in relation to the size and shape of the site. The price is also displayed, indicating how much you will be paid.

When you select a job, you arrive at the site and the first thing you need to do is walk through the area to be cut, looking for any objects lying around. You are given a specific time limit within which you have to grab these items, if only so as not to damage your pride and joy while doing the job. Once that’s done, all you need to do is hop on your mower to start mowing. A required grass length is required for every job, and it’s a simple case to start the engine, select the blade length and then start mowing.

Career mode

As you complete tasks and earn money, you can start upgrading your HQ. Initially, the only upgrade available in Base HQ is an extra Mower Room that allows you to buy another lawnmower and hire an employee to take over tasks for you.

Accelerate up the process of building the best damn lawn moving company there has ever been, you can even take out a bank loan. Unfortunately, when I approached my bank to take out a £200,000 loan to buy lawnmowers and a warehouse, my application was rejected, weird isn’t it?

I decided to do things the hard way and dig into my reputation through hard work. As your company’s reputation grows, you’ll get higher paying and more complex jobs. Despite there being 31 different locations, it really won’t take you long to visit the same places over and over. Some locations will be slightly different when you visit them, maybe a change in decoration at best, but they all start to blend together, and when the job rotation makes you have to revisit the same location twice in a row, it can be a be a real motivational killer.

There are always multiple jobs to choose from, but depending on what type of mower is required or the amount a job pays, you may feel a little cornered with what jobs you take on until you have a decent workforce behind you to handle. to assist.

Overall, the career mode is a well thought out and welcome addition, but falls far short of content after just a few hours and starts to feel like a slog to get through.

Lawn Mowing Simulator is a great foundation to build on, and the gameplay is surprisingly tight and refined, but the overall content lets it down. The highlights it offers are undeniable, but don’t last long in the end and I found myself unable to commit to more than one lane each time I played, due to its long duration. I’ll still revisit Lawn Mowing Simulator from time to time for the stress relief it can provide, but it’s by no means a game I’ll be spending the same hours in as FIFA or Fortnite, for example.

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