RedmiBook 15 Pro review

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RedmiBook 15 Pro review
RedmiBook 15 Pro review


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The RedmiBook 15 Pro review

Xiaomi tends to introduce new product categories with its Mi brand and then follow up with more mass-market Redmi products a while later. The recent launch of RedmiBook follows last year’s Mi Notebook range, and this time the focus is on affordable mainstream models rather than ultraportables. Like most of the company’s offerings, the new RedmiBook 15 Pro and RedmiBook 15 e-Learning Edition are laptops are competitively priced. Is the Redmi brand mature enough to convince you to buy one of these? laptops, and should established brands be concerned? Today we are going to take a look at the RedmiBook 15 Pro to answer these questions.

RedmiBook 15 Pro is not really a budget laptop but neither is targeting the premium performance, gaming, or ultraportable segments. The focus is on core specs and there are some interesting features to talk about.

The RedmiBook 15 Pro is a low profile laptop. It comes in only one color – a rather muted gray. The feel is quite top-notch, although we’re concerned that the wonderfully large wrist rest will soon show signs of ageing due to the polycarbonate material, which wipes off quite easily. In terms of design, there is nothing flashy here. A small Redmi logo adorns the top of the laptop, but that’s about as far as strengthening brand identity.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing, of course. The muted design may come across as a lack of personality to some, but the design is more good than bad. In terms of aesthetics, I never felt like I was a laptop that would jump out. If you want a chic look laptop, this is the wrong price segment to look at anyway.

There are some thoughtful touches, like the rubber padding that extends along the edge of the display side of the lid, and the large trackpad that gives way to a comfortable palm rest. The vents on the bottom may be a pain point for lap users, but being one myself I never felt this laptop become warm enough to be uncomfortable.

The RedmiBook 15 puts function over form, and in this segment that’s a good thing. My problem with the laptop finished up being the hitches in the “function” part of the laptop. Speak about…

It may seem like a harsh criticism, but this screen is indeed the worst of it laptop. Not only that, it’s the worst screen I’ve ever used on a Xiaomi device. It is a 15.6-inch screen with a Full HD resolution. Those numbers are great on paper until you turn on the RedmiBook 15 Pro and see the horrors of inaccurate colors, terrible viewing angles and poor contrast.

If you want to use this screen for reading or streaming, that would be an inconvenient experience. The colors are whitewashed, which makes the screen unpleasant to look at. The viewing angles are so bad that if you tilt the screen even slightly, you will notice a loss of vision. The ugly bezels don’t help either, but could have been excused if the screen was better.

The brightness is acceptable, but the screen is unusable unless you’re looking at it from a certain angle, and any bit of angle shift degrades the already shabby experience considerably. I would have given the display a pass like this laptop much, much cheaper, or if it had been released half a decade ago. It’s particularly disappointing to see such a bad screen on a Xiaomi device, given the company’s reputation for incorporating some great screens into its other products over the years.

The screen may seem like a minor issue with an otherwise well-rounded laptop, But that’s not it. It is an unforgivable one that negates much of what is good with this laptop, putting it squarely below the rest of the competition.

The RedmiBook 15 Pro has a 46 watt battery, comes with a 65 W power adapter and promises a battery life of 10 hours.

During my testing, it came close to the promised figure. My workflow is pretty light, but it involves a lot of web browsing in the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. I occasionally had audio playing in the background and the RedmiBook laptop gave me between 9-10 hours of battery life.

Emphasizing the laptop streaming movies and music videos with downloads in the background drained the battery faster than I expected, but I still got a solid seven to eight hours out of it. The RedmiBook 15 Pro should be able to give you the promised “all-day battery” and get you through a workday unless you’re doing some power-intensive work like video editing.

The included charger is also pretty solid, boosting the RedmiBook’s battery from less than 7% to 50% in 30 minutes and taking about 90 minutes to fully charge. So even if this laptop does not take all day, you can quicklyup to push it over the finish line.

However, the charging options are limited to the plain old barrel plug, as there are no USB-C ports on it laptop.

The 11th Gen Intel Core i5-11300H is a solid performer. It’s alright up up to 4.4GHz on Turbo Boost. Redmi paired it with 8GB of DDR4 RAM running at 3,200MHz and a 512GB NVMe SSD. All in all, the performance is pretty solid.

The RedmiBook 15 Pro did not stutter once during my use. It was always responsive and the Core i5 processor definitely showed its strength. This one laptop could handle my normal multi-tab internet usage in Microsoft Edge. It also did well with some photo editing in Adobe Lightroom.

The 8GB RAM is the only major limiting factor here laptop since there are also no higher RAM options SKUs. This became clear to me when I tried to have many tabs active in Microsoft Edge, which caused the laptop hit maximum RAM usage. 16 GB of RAM would have been better, but 8 GB should be sufficient for most cases.

The RedmiBook 15 Pro comes to the gates and lags behind the competition. With at least one USB-C port as standard on most laptops, this is a blatant omission by Redmi. Redmi added a full-size SD card reader, but that’s a much bigger niche feature than a USB-C port, so it doesn’t really seem like an acceptable trade-off.

It’s nice to see a collapsible Ethernet port, though, especially since it’s rare on laptops in this segment.

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