Review of Fir Audio VxV IEMs

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Review of Fir Audio VxV IEMs
Review of Fir Audio VxV IEMs


This review is about Review of Fir Audio VxV IEMs. So read this review Review of Fir Audio VxV IEMs with full details and specs.

The Review of Fir Audio VxV IEMs

I recently received the Fir Audio VxV IEMs and while this is the first Fir Audio product I have reviewed, there is something very familiar about it. Fir Audio is a relatively recent launchup, but it comes from a family with a long history in audio and brings a lot of experience.

The Belonozhko family founded 64 Audio a few years ago and Bogdan held many positions within 64 Audio before leaving to start this new venture. His partner, Daniel Lifflander, was an engineer at 64 Audio before joining Bogdan in founding Fir Audio in 2018. Together, the two partners bring nearly 3 decades of experience in the personal audio market to the table and they know what they are doing.

Fir Audio’s first products were a line of earphone maintenance products designed to keep in-ear monitors clean, dry and ready to use. These include cases that dry and clean in-ears for a single person or an entire band, vacuum cleaners to remove residue from mouthpieces and cable testers to make sure everything is working properly for your next gig. After these products were successfully marketed, Fir turned his attention to making their own in-ear monitors and the M Series debuted in 2019.

The M Series has models ranging from two to five drivers and sports innovations such as the RCX connector which is arguably an improved MMCX connector that addresses some of the shortcomings of the original design.

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