Review of the Fender Mustang Micro

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Review of the Fender Mustang Micro
Review of the Fender Mustang Micro


This review is about Review of the Fender Mustang Micro. So read this review Review of the Fender Mustang Micro with full details and specs.

The Review of the Fender Mustang Micro

Gear is subjective – we’re all attracted to different things, sometimes surprising if it’s something we didn’t expect to like. But there’s a fundamental question we like to ask about new guitar gear: Will it make guitarists want to play more?

Fender has a recent form of breaking new ground to answer that question in the affirmative: Fender Play successfully tackles the issue of how to keep new players…playing. Even the Acoustasonic series bridges the worlds of electric and acoustic in a fresh way that is inspiring to experience. But the Mustang Micro’s appeal is much more universal than that. It’s something any electric guitarist would benefit from.

The Mustang Micro takes some of the modeling technology from the Mustang series of combos and heads and squeezes it into a compact chassis with a 270-degree rotary input jack. Plug in your headphones and you have access to 12 amps and 12 different effect combos. The amps each have five EQ settings, and the effects each have the same number of parameter presets. This is all accessible from the side with color code + / – buttonswhat face? up when you play.

It’s an excellent selection – the amps range from direct to clean, crunch and high gain, including iconic Fender models such as the ’65 Twin, Deluxe and Bassbreaker, up to high-gain Mustang models, the 5150-esque Metal 2000 and the Bogner-style Uber. You can choose from five EQ settings to suit your taste and pickups, ranging from a middle flat setting (white LED), two dark settings, and two brighter settings.

The effects handling is even greater – the modulated reverb and 2290 Delay and Reverb panned effects are particularly captivating, with the latter encouraging our wannabe Edge impression as reps bounce around in your cans. The limit of five presets is actually free for the effects – changing parameters depending on the model choice, including reverb level, delay level, delay time, trem speed, flanger depth and vibratone speed.

It all sounds great and the EQ presets help keep the high gain models from getting too flashy, but honestly we were surprised at the quality of access wherever you are. And it’s the mobility angle that’s key here – choose up, plug in and play with an internal battery that can be charged via USB to simplify things further.

But there’s more: you can stream audio from your phone via Bluetooth to jam with, and connect it via USB to your DAW to record if you wish (we used GarageBand with good results). A mudguard home run, then: we think this will make you play the guitar more and enjoy it more.

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