Review of the House of Marley Rebel Earbuds

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Review of the House of Marley Rebel Earbuds
Review of the House of Marley Rebel Earbuds


This review is about Review of the House of Marley Rebel Earbuds. So read this Review of the House of Marley Rebel Earbuds with full details and specs.

The Review of the House of Marley Rebel Earbuds

This House of Marley Rebel earbuds review is for those trying to make more environmentally conscious purchasing decisions and want a new pair of the best inexpensive headphones to listen to their music or podcasts on the go.

Not only are they made from durable materials, but they also offer balanced audio quality, decent battery life, wireless charging and two equalizer modes to choose from.

Like any cheap pair of headphones, House of Marley Rebel earbuds aren’t perfect, not everything works as it should. But, and it’s a big but, they don’t skimp on it features or sound quality to match affordability with sustainability. Long story short, they are well worth their price tag.

If you’re more convinced of the sound quality than anything else, then you should get the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus instead – they won Best Value Headphones at the T3 Awards 2021 for how impressive they sound.

HOUSE OF MARLEY REBEL EARBUDS REVIEW: PRICE AND AVAILABILITY The House of Marley Rebel earbuds are available now and cost $129.99 in the US and £99.99 in the UK, they are not yet available in Australia. The widgets on this page give you more pricing information on the web.

They’re in the middle of House of Marley’s true wireless range and offer a more affordable pair of earbuds that still have wireless charging, 30 hours of battery life, water resistance, and call noise cancellation. Unlike HoM’s more expensive tops, there’s no active noise cancellation here.


(Image credit: Future) House of Marley headphones all have a pretty distinct look. If you know the brand, you immediately recognize the unique design with touches of bamboo that make them stand out a bit.

Bamboo is a more sustainable material than the usual culprits, and where plastic is used, House of Marley has opted for only recycled plastics. So not only does it all look good, but it also does some good. You might worry that HoM’s use of materials might hinder the build quality of the buttons, but that doesn’t seem to be happening, they feel solid and sturdy.

The House of Marley Rebel earbuds have a dangling stem design that isn’t too different from Apple AirPods Pro, though the buds themselves have a weird pyramid shape. You can buy them in black or cream and they come in a matching charging case. The case has a silver House of Marley logo on the lid, five small LED lights to indicate the battery level and a button to reset them at the bottom.

In terms of fit, the House of Marley Rebel earplugs come with three ear sizes tip including the box. They feel relatively secure in your ear, although the larger pyramid shape is too big to sit comfortably in my smaller ears, which of course won’t be an issue for everyone. However, they feel super light in your ear, which can never be a bad thing.

You’ll get away with using these for workouts, whether that’s gym sessions or evening runs. When I tried them on while exercising, they felt like they were going to fall out, but they actually stayed put. You’ll be reassured to know that they will survive a little sweat or even light rain thanks to the IPX5 water and sweat resistance. I wouldn’t throw them in a pool though.

To control the music there are touch controls on the buttons and you can just take one out to pause or play the music. The controls are easy to remember: touch once to change volume, twice to cycle through songs, three times to switch between equalizer settings, and hold for 2 seconds to activate your phone’s smart assistant. The touch controls weren’t particularly sensitive, so didn’t work every time I tried to use them, especially when I tried to call my voice assistant. Usually I found it easier to phone to control the music.

If you need true wireless earbuds with plenty of juice, these will get you 8 hours on a single charge, and the case will give you a total of 30 hours, so you’ll get just under 4 full charges before you need to plug in. case in. That’s going pretty well. When do you need to charge them? up again, you can use the USB-C port on the bottom or just place the case on a wireless charging pad. Simple!

10mm drivers create the sound of the House of Marley Rebel earbuds and it’s solid. You will get a good experience in different music genres and other types of audio content. In general it is well balanced, while the vocals in particular come across completely clear. Sometimes the bass doesn’t come through well enough though, so it would be nice if they had a little more power.

To switch between the two equalizer settings, you have to tap the earbuds three times, there is no app to do this through. Personally, I kept it on the Bass Boost EQ most of the time, as the sound on the Signature EQ had an even weaker low end.

To make it less likely that you’ll lose a button, they’re designed to automatically pause or play the music when one goes down. In all honesty, while it usually worked, it didn’t always work. Sometimes they continued to play the music after I took the knobs out and put them on the table.

Call noise cancellation should help to suppress outside noises when you are on a call to help improve quality. When I tried this along a busy road it seemed to work although the person on the other end was pretty quiet even with the volume turned up up all the way. For my part, however, my voice came through loud and clear despite being in a busy part of town.

Connecting the House of Marley Rebel earbuds via Bluetooth is completely seamless, they connect to my phone as soon as I take them out of the case, and it works every time. They also stay connected when I stray from my phone, even when I went to another room.

If you’re environmentally conscious and desperate for a new pair of headphones, House of Marley Rebel earbuds are worth considering. They are true wireless earbuds made of durable materials that won’t cost you the earth and they will give you good sound performance whether you are a rocker or a podcast enthusiast.

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