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Review on Audio Beast Roccat Syn Pro Air

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Review on Audio Beast Roccat Syn Pro Air
Review on Audio Beast Roccat Syn Pro Air


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The Review on Audio Beast Roccat Syn Pro Air

The Roccat Syn Pro Air was unveiled in May and has finally been released to the PC gaming community. An important milestone for Roccat, as this release is their flagship headset, promising to deliver sounds like no other headset. With Turtle Beach now owning them, there’s a lot to be excited about with the Roccat Syn Pro Air, because you need everything you love about Roccat, and it mixes up with the latest and greatest technology from Turtle Beach. The results? A strikingly beautiful headset with incredibly rich and immersive sounds. Audiophiles are preparing to be blown away. Roccat’s best design yet

I have to say that this is arguably the best headset design from Roccat yet. Immediately upon opening the box, there was a feeling of premium coming from the headset. You know that feeling you get when you buy something really expensive that you don’t even want to touch it and just want it sitting there staring at it? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I picked up the Syn Pro Air. Look at it and tell me it ain’t pretty.

And when you have this in person, it’s so much better, especially when you start to see all the little design choices Roccat has made to deliver his ultimate experience.

Take the adjustable banding, probably my favorite of any headset I’ve ever owned. You see, many headsets offer the option to adjust the headband, and those in the know will know that this is usually accompanied by a loud clicking noise. This is because in most cases there is an internal band that slides into the main band. Example can be seen below.

There’s nothing wrong with this, but the Roccat Syn Pro Air really proves that this classic mechanic can be improved upon, by providing a silky smooth, silent movement. This is achieved by engraving a groove in the band itself, allowing the pinna connections to slide freely between the band.

It feels fantastic, and I’m amazed at the lack of clicks. Plus, I think this design will cause less wear and tear as it’s mostly hidden, an issue I notice on my other headsets due to markings and plastic shavings. up. The only downside to this is if you have a very large head as you may not have enough reach to be comfortable. In my case it was perfect.

The microphone itself is completely detachable, although this is probably the only design issue I had. Being detachable is fine, and in fact a great option, especially for those who just don’t use it, but it’s the rough movement offered when attached that I’m not a big fan of. Moving the microphone from off to on and vice versa has a very stiff motion that locks in place. This caused the entire headset to move, which could be felt from the top of the band to the other earcup. It’s not so big that you have to adjust the headset position, but it’s definitely noticeable.

The material used on the microphone is similar to the unbreakable rubber you can find in other microphones. I actually like the overall mic build in that regard as the rubber doesn’t feel flimsy where a light pressure will move it completely. There’s power in it, but enough flexibility to shape you both close to and away from you. I love that it’s not huge boom neither is a microphone, but also not a super thin one that just feels. It fits nicely into the realm of sleekness and blends in beautifully with the overall design.

For cushioning, the Syn Pro Air opts for athletic fabric padded ear cups with built-in memory foam. One big concern I had here was that because it doesn’t use leather, the ear pads would be prone to dust buildup, like many other headsets that use similar fabric. Well, after heavy use of the headset, I’m happy to say that this issue isn’t as noticeable on the Syn Pro Air as I expected.

This could be due to the way the stitching is done on all the filling as it is not as smooth but instead etched with small patterns. The great thing is that they don’t have much feeling for them, if at all.

On a comfort scale, the Syn Pro Air is perfect. Extremely lightweight, the memory foam cushioning provides extreme comfort without noticeable fabric irritation. The ear pads are great at blocking out outside noise as well as blocking leakage so the microphone can choose up On.

And of course there are the features build on the headset itself. There are two knobs for volume, one for sound and the other so you can hear your own voice. Easily accessible as they are large dials, one on each side of the ear.

Then there’s the incredible RGB lighting. If you’ve read any of my previous Roccat hardware reviews, you’ll know that I’ve had nothing but praise for the company and how they handle RGB lighting in their new, highly durable, lightweight bionic shell. Yes, the Syn Pro Air features same design spotted in Roccat Gaming Mice.

The light looks quite faded when you look at it from the sides of the ear cups. It’s beautiful, and with several patterns available via software, the Syn Pro Air’s RBG lighting is certainly one to rave about. What I love even more is that the light extends all the way to the back of the headset, while being brighter, giving it even more style.

All in all, the design of the Roccat Syn Pro Air is certainly one to laugh about, as it offers everything you’re looking for in a headset. It is lightweight, yet extremely strong, while providing the ultimate pleasure of comfort. This all comes down to just the design side as the best part of the headset is easily how it sounds. The ultimate gaming sound

If you’re looking for a headset that guarantees 100% gaming immersion, then look no further. Right out of the box, the Roccat Syn Pro Air impresses with its deep, high-pitched channeling sounds that reverberate clearly through both speakers. It was an absolutely awe-inspiring moment for me to hear the sound coming out of this for the very first time.

The sound of the Syn Pro Air is so detailed that it’s easy to break down exactly what you’re hearing. For big multiplayer fans, you’ll find these provide a nice boost in competitive advantage as every footstep, bullet fired and character breathing can be heard and discerned in the realm of chaos for a game like Call of Duty.

Of course, multiplayer games aren’t the only games to take advantage of this, as you’ll be completely immersed in those epic single-player games too. Playing through Resident Evil Village with the Syn Pro Air felt like someone had called up the heartbreaking tension to a full 100. Always on my feet, hearing steps behind me, or the unsettling wet sound of something creeping down a hallway (shivers I tell you), those are nightmares that all come to fruition with the amazing sound quality of the Syn Pro Air.

I’m completely immersed in my gaming, and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

The microphone is also spectacular, picking up very little background noise. When I played Unfortunate Spaceman with a few friends, everyone could hear me crystal clear, even during my screams my agony ripped me to shreds like a monster. There also seemed to be no audio leakage due to the well-insulated padding.

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