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Review on Dell XPS 13 OLED Laptop

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Review on Dell XPS 13 OLED Laptop
Review on Dell XPS 13 OLED Laptop


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This review is about Review on Dell XPS 13 OLED Laptop. So read this review Review on Dell XPS 13 OLED Laptop with full details and specs.

The Review on Dell XPS 13 OLED Laptop

How to make the best Windows laptop even better around? Sleeping on an immersive OLED screen isn’t a bad way to start. The Dell XPS 13 OLED (starting at $1,518; does just that, with a nearly borderless 13-inch display that lets you watch movies, edit photos, and even capture up on Slack chats more engaging – although there are some caveats.

Aside from a new screen, this is the same XPS 13 that has long been our favorite Windows laptop, thanks to its slim design, fast overall performance and comfortable keyboard. however, the laptopThe speakers and webcam are still missing, and the battery life of this particular model suffers a bit due to the high-resolution OLED display.

Is the XPS 13 OLED worth the splurge over the standard model? Here’s what we think after weeks of work and play on the latest Dell laptop. The who, what and how

Who it’s for: The Dell XPS 13 OLED is for those looking for the best overall Windows laptop for basic work and entertainment, and who don’t mind splurging for an extra immersive display. Those who don’t care about OLED will do well with the standard XPS 13.

What you need to know: The Dell XPS 13 OLED delivers the same beautiful and compact design, comfortable keyboard and fast performance of the most recent XPS 13, but with an OLED display for more vivid images. However, this laptop’s battery life isn’t quite as good as competitors’ (probably because of that OLED display), and the webcam and speakers are disappointing.

How it compares: The XPS 13 OLED outperforms its closest competitor in the Surface Laptop 4 (starting at $999) in terms of build quality, overall performance and display richness, although Microsoft’s laptop has a larger screen, deeper keyboard and better battery life. Dell’s laptop makes a great Windows alternative to the MacBook Air (starting at $999), although Apple’s notebook offers more overall power and stamina, as well as a superior webcam. It’s all about the OLED screen Mike Andronico/CNN

The Dell XPS 13’s display has always been a stunner, especially since Dell has chopped off almost every edge in the 2020 models to provide a truly immersive display for work and play. It was hard to imagine this notebook’s display getting any better, but Dell managed to add OLED to the mix – and the results are great.

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) displays are known for delivering particularly deep blacks and high contrast, two benefits that became immediately apparent as soon as we saw the 13.3-inch InfinityEdge display on the XPS. Slack and Twitter’s black backgrounds looked incredibly bold and rich in dark mode, bringing messages and tweets through with a satisfying and readable white pop without the faint “blooming” effect that can sometimes occur when these colors clash. The reverse looked great too – black text showed up nicely on white backgrounds in Google Docs – but if you’re someone who finds dark mode more pleasant and enjoyable, you’ll especially love this screen.

Of course, the XPS 13’s OLED screen is good for more than just reading text. An 8K wildlife video exploded with vibrant colors and lifelike detail on Dell’s screen – the orange-brown fur on a deer pack and the bright green hues of a forest were particularly striking, and we could see every fur on a lion’s mane during a close-up.up. When watching the same video on a Surface Laptop 4, there was a big difference in saturation and vibrancy that made Microsoft’s still impressive display look dull by comparison.

While the XPS 13 OLED makes a great display even better, the laptop’s audio output is still just OK. Energetic rock tracks like Real Friends’ “Nervous Wreck” got a lot loud, but also got muddy as the crunchy guitars started playing, while the calmer indie tunes of Julien Baker’s “Relative Fiction” fared much better. The XPS 13’s speakers made it easy to hear colleagues during business conversations, but you’ll probably need to use dedicated headphones or speakers if you plan on playing a lot of music or movies on them. laptop. A beautiful design that’s more of a good thing Mike Andronico/CNN

OLED display aside, the latest XPS 13 is more of the same — and that’s largely a good thing. Dell’s flagship laptop remains one of the most attractive PCs money can buy, with wafer-thin bezels and a comfortable interior that looks especially stunning in Arctic White (there’s also a more understated black option). And if you’re more on the go these days, the XPS 13 is very travel-friendly at 2.8 pounds and just over half an inch thin.

Just as the XPS 13’s beautiful design remains untouched, so does the relatively small port selection. You get two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, which can be used for everything from charging the laptop up to connect multiple 4K monitors, as well as a microSD card slot and a headphone jack. While that’s not a lot of connectivity, we appreciate that Dell included a USB-C to USB-A adapter in the box for using older accessories. Mike Andronico/CNN

We’ve enjoyed typing on various versions of the XPS 13 for years, thanks to the keys that feel exceptionally soft and bounce well. The textured wristband certainly doesn’t hurt either. However, after spending some time with the deeper, faster keyboards on newer laptops like the surface Laptop 4 and Acer Chromebook Spin 713, we wish the XPS 13’s keys offered a little more feedback and travel. Great overall performance, but that webcam is still a bummer Mike Andronico/CNN

We’ve always found the Dell XPS 13 to be more than powerful enough for our day-to-day workflow, and that trend continues with the new OLED model. Our test device came with an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 512GB of SSD storage, which translated into snappy and smooth multitasking no matter how many things we were doing at once.

We regularly had 30 or more Google Chrome tabs during a typical work day and never noticed any hiccups as we went back and forth between different documents, websites, Twitch streams and a browser-based photo editor. The XPS 13 held steady as we added eight apps to the mix, including Slack, Spotify, Discord, the Audacity audio editing app, and a 4K video output via VLC player.

Simply put, you will have a hard time slowing down this machine. A word of caution, though: the XPS 13 got noticeably warm at the bottom under this heavy load, so we’d recommend working on a desk rather than on your lap if you’re doing a lot of intense multitasking.

While the XPS 13 OLED can chew through just about any combination of everyday work tasks, you’ll want to keep the charger handy if you plan on working long hours on this thing. Dell’s laptop lasted a pretty disappointing six hours and eight minutes on our battery test, which consists of playing a 4K video in a loop at half brightness with Wi-Fi turned off. That’s a remarkable step back from the 8.5 hours we got from the Surface Laptop 4, and below Dell’s 8-hour content streaming rating of the comparable XPS 13 4K model. Mike Andronico/CNN

The latest XPS 13 configuration also fails to fix one of the issues: laptopSome glaring weaknesses: the webcam. Photos we took on the notebook’s 720p camera were dark and distinctly grainy, even when we were in direct sunlight. The XPS 13s camera works fine in a pinch, but we recommend jumping in front of a dedicated webcam for important interviews or meetings – or considering the multiple camera on the MacBook Air. Bottom line Mike Andronico/CNN

The Dell XPS 13 OLED (starting at $1,518; adds an even more immersive display to our favorite laptop, with vibrant colors and deep blacks that bring movies, images and text to life in a way that really stands out from the base model. If you are big on creative work or just want the best possible laptop screen for your next Netflix binge, this is the XPS 13 configuration you can get.

That fancy OLED screen can suck, though up battery life pretty fast as this version of the XPS 13 doesn’t last as long as the entry-level 1080p model or competitors like the Surface Laptop 4 (starting at $999; We would also still like Dell to laptop’s disappointing webcam and speakers, which pale in comparison to what you get on the MacBook Air (starting at $899;

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