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Review on Razer Opus Wireless ANC Headphones

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Review on Razer Opus Wireless ANC Headphones
Review on Razer Opus Wireless ANC Headphones

Review on Razer Opus Wireless ANC Headphones Prices

July 29, 2021 7:09 pm
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This review is about Review on Razer Opus Wireless ANC Headphones. So read this review Review on Razer Opus Wireless ANC Headphones with full details and specs.

The Review on Razer Opus Wireless ANC Headphones

Razer is one of the biggest names in the world for high-end gaming hardware. That’s certainly not the limit of their product range, though, as they’ve made everything from a toaster to… mobile phones. Of course, today I’ll be focusing on their latest headphones, which promise industry-leading performance in more ways than one. The Razer Opus are their flagship headphones, so they come at a premium price. Of course, Razer is no stranger to some pricier hardware, and that’s still about the same price as their Nari Ultimate headset, BlackShark V2 Pro and the Kaira Pro. Razer Opus

The Razer Opus might cost about the same as other Razer headsets, but that’s where the similarities end. These are more purpose-built audiophile headphones rather than just a pure gaming headset. They are THX certified and promise highly accurate audio and low distortion. There is also Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology, which helps to remove a lot of ambient noise, the traffic, the noise of the bus/train/plane you are sitting in, general background noise, etc. Of course it’s not all just chic features, because the underlying hardware is also quite important. You will find a pair of 40 mm dynamic drivers, operating at 12 Ω (1 kHz) and with a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. There is also an omnidirectional MEMS microphone, which operates at -38 dBV/Pa (1 kHz). You can view the detailed specifications here.

THX Certified Headphones: Tested and optimized by cinematic audio immersion experts at THX Ltd., the headset provides a rich, balanced soundstage for all your movies, music and gaming Advanced Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology: whether you Whether watching a movie or rocking out to your favorite song, cut out all the distractions with advanced ANC technology that detects and destroys all incoming noise Designed for comfort: With soft leatherette memory foam ear cushions, well-balanced weight and good clamping force, you can keep headphones in place during long commutes and stay in ultimate comfort Ambient mode: press the Power Button to instantly switch between ANC On, ANC Off and Ambient Mode, which amplifies ambient noise for heightened awareness – useful when crossing the road or just getting a feel for your surroundings Auto Pause/Auto Play: remove these earphones or resting it around your neck pauses the audio. When you’re ready to continue, just put your headset back on and go straight back to your movie or music

Packaging & Accessories

The front of the box is not the typical design we usually see from Razer. The black-and-green “gamer” look has been replaced with metallic fonts, soft grays and a more professional look. You can see the headset and that it has THX certification, Bluetooth, AAC Codec support and SBC Codec support.

A closer look and achievements

The headset looks very understated from the moment you take it out of the box. Personally, I prefer that too, especially considering how often I deal with gaming headsets that are quite lively and visually aggressive by comparison. Razer is making a clear effort to differentiate this from their gaming range and go straight for a more professional and serious approach.

The branding has also been kept tastefully, no bright green here, just a bright silver logo on the side.

It says THX on the back of each ear cup, but honestly I’m not sure why, as it says on the box, I won’t forget it. Naturally, the headset has a foldable design, allowing it to fit into the much smaller carrying case.

How much is it?

Although they are expensive headphones, you can’t escape their competitive performance and price. They are broadly comparable in price to the Beyerdynamic LAGOON, Sony WH-1000XM3, Bose QuietComfort 35 II, and a few others. Amazingly, I’ve seen this headset at some retailers for around £200. Don’t be a fool though, as it’s actually meant to be just £185, but it’s already dropped to £163.97 on Amazon. With that in mind, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to look for the best deals. You can find US prices in the Razer store here. Overall, they’re not a bargain, but the price is reasonable considering the hardware on offer. Overview

Razer is no stranger to high-end headsets, and they’ve had their teeth on the gaming market for many years. They have also done quite a bit with mobile phones and headphones in general in recent years, so the Opus is really a culmination of all their experience. I love that they’ve also moved away from the gamer aesthetic. They’ve opted for the more serious headphone market, and it’s resulted in some very sleek and sexy headphones that can easily compete with rival offerings, aesthetically and acoustically. ANC

I have tried a wide variety of ANC over the years and I have to admit that every brand seems to have stepped up up and delivered a superior ANC in the past two years. Sony and Bose certainly had the highest crown in recent years, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s time to hit a third crown. Heavy bass, high fans, background traffic noise and general chatter were of little concern here. Some headsets have more aggressive ANC, maybe the XM4s, but they’re also almost twice as expensive. Performance

The sound quality is excellent and certainly worthy of the respective price tag. The sound is quite flat with THX turned on, but it still has strong bass when the music calls for it, and it doesn’t feel overdriven or distorted. There is only a small roll-off on the high end, but for the heavier music I listen to, I really can’t complain. It has a lot of depth and detail, especially in the mids, even allowing me to hear a few details in songs that are often not there on many of the headphones I test. I would have liked a custom EQ profile mode, but the built-in ones are pretty decent overall.

The battery was quoted at 25 hours but to my surprise I think I had over 26+ hours before draining it. However, turn down the volume and turn the ANC off, and you easily get more than that. Considering the longest trip I’ve ever taken is about 30 hours to Taiwan, and I’m taking a nap or three, it’s safe to say these headphones will get me where I need to be on one charge. Alas, this week they have been used for my daily walk and also on the couch listening to Fear Factory, but hey, such is the modern world. Should I buy them?

I have to admit that expensive ANC headphones are definitely not for everyone, but honestly it will be hard to go back to non-ANC headphones once you get a decent set. From the neighbor who likes to run his lawnmower, the traffic noise outside your apartment, the rumble of a jet engine on a long-haul flight…there are many things that can hide this so you can sit back and relax with your favorite movie, music, audiobook or just use the ANC like earbuds! The THX-certified drivers sound great, and the extra-long battery life means you can chill for a few hours until the end of the week without stretching your career. Overall, I’m extremely impressed with what Razer has to offer.

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