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Review on Tribit QuietPlus 78

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This review is about Review on Tribit QuietPlus 78. So read this review Review on Tribit QuietPlus 78 with full details and specs.

The Review on Tribit QuietPlus 78


Less than 2 hours of charge, nearly 40 hours of listening Premium design and materials Soft, flexible ear cups for comfortable listening all day Dual-level ANC, Ambient Mode are just a click away 3.5mm port and cable for truly endless listening Dual 40mm Drivers Crystal clear mids, highs and bass with plenty of punch


Multifunctional buttons are too close for comfort Micro-USB is used for charging instead of USB Type-C Included charging cable is only a few centimeters long

Tribit is not the longest lasting audio accessory company on the market. But, as our reviews regularly show, they are among the best. So when the opportunity arose to test the new Tribit QuietPlus 78 over-ear headphones, it wasn’t a chance to be missed. Especially with a price below $80.

Tribit has packed its latest over-ear headphones with a stunning array of features to. You will not find a dedicated app or companion app features, of course. They are features that usually costs a bit more money. But that’s about the only one feature you will be missing here. Not only ANC and support for SBC AAC are part of the bundle. There are multiple cancellation levels to choose from with the click of one button. And that includes a full ambient mode.

Plus, Tribit packs a 3.5mm audio cable for endless listening when Bluetooth 5.0 isn’t going to cut it. Massive audio drivers, premium construction and an endless battery, on the other hand, make these headphones unbeatable. Even if you use a wireless connection.

One of the most amazing things about this particular wearable isn’t audio per se, though we’ll get to that in a moment. And it’s not like Tribit has a hard carrying case or 3.5mm audio cable like it did on my QuietPlus 78 test device. There are quite a few things to love about these over-ear headphones. Especially in this price range. But the biggest advantage is arguably the hardware quality.

Aside from the carrying case, which is a soft-touch hard-shell design with a zipper and nylon cord loop, the hardware here is so ‘premium’ it’s unbelievable. That case, by the way, is small enough to even fit in a small purse, let alone a backpack or duffel bag.

That’s because the company started out with a solid folding design and materials that are soft to the touch but not squishy for the outside of the headband. The interior, on the other hand, is soft with just enough give to make these headphones feel almost weightless. The leather-like material also extends to the ear cups, which are even gentler on the ears. And a sturdy metal strap is contained within the strap to ensure durability with repeated extensions and retractions.

Tribit also contains soft fabric that covers the inside of the earcups, while the outside features a metal accent ring. The plastics on the outside and everything else wrapped, on the other hand, have a textured matte look and feel. And the earcups themselves sit on a rotator, so the level of comfort is undeniably great when wearing.

Simply put, personally these headphones exude a premium look and feel that any audio enthusiast should be delighted with. The hardware alone feels like it belongs on headphones several times more expensive than Tribit QuietPlus 78.

Of course that also applies to the plugs and buttons. The buttons are clicky and snappy, with almost no “squish” to speak of. And so are the gates, with no jostling or wobbling. And that not only gives the feeling that the gates and buttons will take a long time. It also makes each easier to use. With one notable exception.

Namely, while the ANC/Ambient Mode button is well placed and easy to use, the remaining multi-function buttons are not well organized.

The problem here is not that the buttons are not large enough to find or distinguish between. Instead, they are placed too close together to be used comfortably. Or, at least while learning the functions, too close to use them individually easily. During my review of Tribit QuietPlus 78, I often found myself accidentally pressing the wrong key button. Or accidentally press more than one button.

The only other notable hardware complaint is one that we’ll discuss in a moment in the battery segment. But these are the only caveats, and minor caveats to that, about what is otherwise outrageously good hardware. Especially with an asking price under 100 euros. Tribit QuietPlus 78’s battery life is enviable

As mentioned above, there is a caveat in the hardware when it comes to charging. Tribit didn’t just confusingly choose MicroUSB instead of USB-C. The company also chose to include a charging cable with Tribit QuietPlus 78 that is only a few inches long, making charging from anything other than a computer incredibly annoying during my review.

Or at least it would have been if not for how long I could use the headphones before they needed to be charged.

Now the conditions of use and their impact on battery life cannot be ignored. Battery life is subjective and varies from person to person due to many factors — from volume to media type to distance to the source device and features. For example, for my test, I kept my distance at about 30 feet to the right. Albeit sometimes with a wall between my source device and the headphones.

I also maintained a volume of about 90 percent for my battery test and kept ANC set to the “high” setting. There are two modes for that and a separate ambient mode. Or both can be turned off for even longer battery life. But we’ll discuss those settings later. Suffice it to say for now that my use case was at the extreme end of things. I also only streamed the highest audio quality these headphones support during my battery test.

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