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Review on Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

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This review is about Review on Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds. So read this review Review on Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds with full details and specs.

The Review on Ugreen HiTune X5 TWS Earbuds

Introducing Ugreen’s new pair of TWS earbuds – the HiTune X5. What makes this pair of TWS earbuds special for the price of just RM199? Let’s find out.

Okay, so let’s look at the box first. On the front there is not much, but we need the back part of the box, because that’s where the gestures are listed.

Thanks Ugreen for doing this so I don’t have to refer to the user manual for the gestures.

We’ll come back to the gestures later, but let’s move on first.

Opening up reveals the aforementioned user guide which I am not going to touch – and then we have the HiTune X5 itself and also a box of accessories.

Let’s dive straight into the HiTune X5 here. It sits in this relatively small glossy plastic case which I personally don’t prefer as it gets fingerprints and hairline scratches easily. The USB-C port is on the bottom, so it can’t stand on its own while charging. The link is on the back of this case button – pretty standard for TWS earbuds these days.

Opening the case, however, is a different story. The hinge on this case is beautiful as the lid flips open and clicks into place. I mean, getting that one is a bit aggressive, but it works really well. The lid does not fall down no matter how hard I move the housing.

As for the earbuds themselves, they have this pretty standard design. Wearing them feels comfortable enough – and Ugreen has a total of 4 different sizes for the earbuds for you to choose from. A total of 4 different sets of earplugs – sizes S, M, L and XL.

And this part is the touch control panel. It is relatively large and I can perform those gestures easily. I wish there was a dimple or something like that so I can feel where I’m touching.

And speaking of gestures, we will again have to refer to the back of the box. We can do a whole bunch of basic controls on the TWS earbuds like play/pause, next/previous and even volumes up and down. But the volume controls are not independent and instead rely on your connected device.

There is also a game mode on the HiTune X5. Activating it really does reduce latency, but by how much? A lot. From a quick test in PUBG Mobile with the ASUS Zenfone 8 Flip, there is a clear delay when we use the normal mode.

But when we switch to game mode, the audio delay is barely noticeable. This is a huge improvement!

But with that said, how does the Ugreen HiTune X5 actually sound? Well, it actually sounds pretty good! Overall pretty well balanced in terms of bass, mids and treble. My big band jazz and electronic music sound good on the Ugreen HiTune X5. The bass isn’t overwhelming – which is good too.

One issue I realized is that when the earbuds are turned on but nothing is playing, there is a very loud hiss. Don’t know where the hiss is coming from though. After not playing anything for a while, the hissing disappears.

I should also emphasize that the HiTune X5 does not have an app to control the gestures or EQ, so what you see is what you get.

The microphones on the Ugreen HiTune X5 are pointed downward towards the user’s mouth, which is good. The microphone sounds pretty good.

As for battery life, not bad. I can get about 4-5 hours out of a single charge while listening to music at a comfortable volume. Should you buy the Ugreen HiTune X5?

All in all, for the price of RM209, the Ugreen HiTune X5 is pretty decent. It’s certainly not perfect as it has a slightly perceptible hissing sound when nothing is playing, a glossy finish for the case that can get scratched easily, and also a weird position for the charging port.

Other than that, the Ugreen HiTune X5 has very good sound quality, comfortable fit, decent battery life overall, and I think it’s justifiable for the price. Note that there is a very noticeable hissing sound when nothing is playing.

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