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Review on Vaha X Mirror

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The Review on Vaha X Mirror

The Vaha X smart mirror as a concept is a great idea. It provides a place to get fit through classes and personal training programs and when it’s off it’s meant to blend into your home interior. It also has uses outside of fitness, with nice integration of apps like Spotify, web browsers and Zoom – and the software experience is very good overall. You just have to accept that the Vaha X is a great piece of equipment, not cheap, and its killer feature to be able to track movement and provide guided feedback during training is not yet live. In front of

Well-designed workouts Personal training program option Good connection options Slick Spotify support


Big and heavy to move Workouts don’t completely fill the screen Difficult to see in bright sunlight Pricey

Two minute review

The Vaha X is a workout app wrapped in a mirror that allows you to follow personalized training programs and access on-demand and live classes, from everything from HIIT to yoga.

Workouts are displayed on a touchscreen built into the mirror and you can pair up additional accessories such as headphones and heart speed monitors with Spotify integration on board to drive workout playlists as well.

This smart training mirror is not cheap. After paying for the mirror itself, you must pay a monthly membership fee to access the 300+ live and on-demand workouts and personal training programs available.

like others home workout apps, you’ll find a mix of trainer styles and classes for a range of skills, making it appealing to beginners, but there are also tough workouts with advanced classes. Some classes require extra equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands, but there’s plenty in the way of bodyweight workouts that will help you work up a sweat

To follow the personal training route, you must participate in a live conversation with a trainer who is selected based on your goals and what the end goal of your program is and who will track your progress.

You can keep track of training history and future lessons on the mirror, and there is a companion phone app to access additional information to introduce other good healthy habits to build around your time when you are not staring in that mirror and getting all sweaty.

In addition to fitness, Vaha has added a range of apps, including Instagram, Zoom, Mozilla Firefox, and TikTok, and promises to add features like movement tracking and guided feedback to make it stand out from the crowd home fitness apps. Price and availability

The Vaha X smart mirror costs £1,950 (about $2,700 / AU$3,600) and offers a 30-day trial before you need to join a one-year membership. That costs £39 (about $55/AU$70) per month. There’s a smaller Vaha S mirror that costs £1,150 (about $1,600 / AU$2,100) and offers the same trial period before having to sign up to the same membership.

To put that in context, a membership of home workout app Fiit costs $20 / £29 / AU$30 per month, while access to Peloton’s all-access subscription (needed to access interactive classes for its bikes and treadmills) is $39 / £39 / AU$39 per month costs.

Vaha Smart Mirror Design

The Vaha X mirror is large. It has glass up front with a black aluminum body and measures 170cm high and 4.2cm thick, so it’s definitely not as slim and sleek as your typical non-smart mirror. There’s also a decent-sized kickstand mounted to the rear of the mirror to keep it upright, adding to its quite hulking stature. It’s also not something you can mount to the wall, although it would obviously be difficult to do.

At 45 kg it is also quite heavy, and although we would have liked to place the mirror up in a bedroom it is really not easy to maneuver by one person. So you have to arrange where it is going to live in the long term. We had it in our living room, which was not the ideal location, but we were able to free it up space to carry out the lessons. We should also mention that there is a smaller Vaha S mirror, which is shorter and lighter and has a smaller touchscreen, and can be wall mounted unlike the larger X.

The X has a 43-inch full HD resolution screen that extends about three-quarters across the mirror with space at the top left for the button and camera with not much else going on under that touchscreen. Turn right up top is a 120 degree IMX Sony front-facing camera, which is not present so trainers can pry you during classes, but to let you catch up one-on-one with them, unlock future software features like form tracking and enable apps like Zoom and Skype. You can cover that camera up with one of the accessories that came with the mirror.

Next to the mirror is a set of 65 watt speakers and in terms of connectivity you have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet support. Apart from the camera coverage, Vaha also offers its own heart heart rate monitor chest strap, resistance bands and a very handy microfibre cloth, which is especially useful if your sweat fingerprints are left on that glass.

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