Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker

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Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker
Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker


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The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker

The Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth speaker is the brand’s latest offering bringing you affordable technology, which is a win for consumers and through testing many products over the years, including their latest earbuds, the Onyx Apex Apollo Air Plus and the Apollo Air, the products are robust and worth considering.

Their latest speaker is also one to look forward to when it comes to sound and quality and the build quality here is top notch and certainly caught my eye, it may feel heavy to some but this is just an example of great build quality in generally with all the required ports and also SD card support that allows you to use old cards with music stored like me.

There is a nice control panel up top with slightly raised keys and tactile and works perfectly every time and no complicated set up or. On the back you have your SD card enabled ports as mentioned, your charging port via USB-C and aux support if you need it.

The speaker housing is a solid frame made of aluminum with a grille front and rear, the rear lets the sound pump out which improves the audio experience and it can be used with the front speakers going off but both are highly recommended . You will see the example in the video review and how the controls work in the video below, we think you will get a preview of the audio and how the features work instead of stock image reviews that have no context whatsoever.

Overall this speaker is worth a point you will ask and the answer is yes. Great sound, app support, you also have soundpulse tech and a premium build with decent battery life that meets their specs.

As with all of our reviews we are transparent and tronsmart has not compensated us or had any input for this review and see it at the same time as you.

Wrap up Tronsmart Studio Bluetooth Speaker

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