Proof that the CD format is not dead: NAD C 538 Leader

NAD C538 CD player

Yes, they still make CD and CD players. Funny I heard that vinyl came back anywhere I shoot, but the CD format is still there. When I say that, there are lots of new music on CD than LP. For this reason, audio fans are always constantly looking for recommendations for CD players, especially affordable readers. This new NAD, C 538 is to purchase mainly because of its simplicity and quality of finish. It is sold for $ 299 in the U.S. and £ 249 in the UK.

Since I was working as an audio sales person in the 1980's, I have always praised NAD's low budget gamers. At that time, NAD's sound was superior to other affordable players. C538 is very similar to the NAD drive 30 years ago. This provides connectivity on the rear panel. RCA stereo analog output jack and digital optical component that enables connection to coaxial digital audio output and converter. There is also a small tidy plastic remote control.

Compared with most current home appliances, CD players are easy to use. Open the disc tray, insert the CD, close the tray, press the "Play" button on the remote control, or press C 538 to play the music. I am a technical support to use the C 538 and I promise that I do not need to refer to the owner's manual or spend hours on the phone. For this reason, C538 has some credit, but this simplicity is of course common to most CD players. I do not understand …

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Proof that the CD format is not dead: NAD C 538 Leader

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