PSA: Apple Series 4#039;s fall detection is off by default for most people


If you are a new owner of Series 4 and you try it without the opportunity to test the fall detection function it is probably invalid.

Apple has not made every effort to emphasize it, but this feature is disabled by default unless you have set up iOS or iOS Health apps and are over the age of 65. This is probably because Apple 's fall detection algorithm is not perfect. On the support page, the company warns that physically active people are more likely to emit false alarms. These three pairs of buffies can lead to confusion.

If you want to enable fall detection, you can activate manually. to start Apps On your iPhone, My tab, Press SOS emergency. A toggle of an entity with an explanation will be displayed.

Apart from annoying false positives, there are important reasons to invalidate fall detection. If it detects a crash and does not respond with "about 1 minute", a 15 second countdown will start, then an alarm will sound, a message will be sent to the emergency contact, and the emergency service will be called. Even if you have no problem with the authorities, if you think your life is in danger, your friends and family will fall into a panic.

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