PSA: macOS Mojave Privacy Protection Means More App Permissions

MacOS Mojave Privacy Protection means that some applications require more access rights. Privacy protection is a feature Apple added for data protection.

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Protect Mojave's privacy

MacOS Mojave requires permission of the application before accessing data such as photos, e-mails, web cameras, microphones, contacts, calendars and so on. If you are an iOS user, you will be familiar with this type of authentication. Frankly, I am surprised that Apple took a lot of time to add these privileges to MacOS.

You may have a problem. iOS has been designed with these permissions in mind from the beginning. On Mac OS, on the other hand, Apple adopts the permission system for the operating system. Because applications are used to have these privileges, it is possible that an application will crash if it attempts to access system resources without permission.

To check which applications are authorized for a particular thing, please visit "System Preferences". Security; Privacy gt; Privacy. In most cases, you do not need to do much. If approval is required for the updated application of macOS Mojave, a dialog box will be displayed.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[A: When is macOS really macOS?]

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