Qualcomm accuses Apple of illegally sharing trade secrets with Intel to fix chip performance

Qualcomm condemned Apple to steal trade secrets and deliver it to Intel in a lawsuit filed in California's upper court, alleging that Apple wishes to use Apple to improve chip performance provided through Intel did.

Recent activities of Apple and Qualcomm's long-standing court struggle accuse the chipmaker of getting a lot of confidential information directly to chipmakers CNBC. Qualcomm plans to include an ongoing lawsuit allegation against Apple if the court has been ranked on Monday and the court allows the amendment of the case.

The claim alleges that it violates the "master software agreement" signed in the past 10 years when Apple became a customer of Qualcomm. As part of the deal, Apple promised to ensure that source code and tools are properly protected by Qualcomm, but this may not apply to you.

Qualcomm has previously claimed that it is excluded from auditing the use of source code developed by Qualcomm, but Apple has used the same code and tools to fix chip design flaws There.

This finding underscores during the latest litigation that began in November 2017 and emphasizes that Apple's engineers are repeatedly providing codes and other confidential information. 39; Contract. Direct evidence is not presented, but there are references to communication between two engineers who propose such sharing.

"Illegally using Qualcomm's valuable trade secrets to help competitors catch up with us is strict and should not be allowed to continue," said Donald Rosenberg, Qualcomm's legal advisor. It was. According to Rosenberg, this case is self-sustaining and should have been sued regardless of the current state of the conflict.

Apple has not answered this complaint yet.

QUALCOM hopes that a new case will be included in the trial to be filed in court in April 2019.

Qualcomm and Apple have recently visited the court for several years, mainly in patent infringement litigation, like the complaints of the International Trade Commission of the United States who refused to import the iPhone.

Apple accuses Qualcomm that he is abusing exclusive rights on the radio …

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